William Grieves, the Colter connection, and the Waverley Hotel


In Memory of William Grieves, died 9th Jan. 1852, aged 73 years.

William Grieves was a friend, neighbour, and contemporary of James Colter at Nashwaak. Like the Colters, he was from Ireland. His farm adjoined that of the Colters, and his son William was married to Jane, daughter of James Colter, on 28 March 1844. Three married Colter sisters lived on adjoining farms in Marysville: Jane Grieves, Eliza Ramsey, and Margaret Fraser.

William Grieves the son was a road commissioner and succeeded Robert Irwin as proprietor of the Waverley Hotel. When William was appointed as Crier, Supreme Court, his son John took over as the hotel keeper, until he in turn received an appointment.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 13 January 1883:

John B. Grieves to be Sergeant at Arms attending the House of Assembly in room of Harry Beckwith, resigned.

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