Two children of the Allan family


Little Harry Randolph Allan died aged 3 years & 4 months

Georgina M.D. Allan, aged 1 year & 3 months. "Thy will be done /To Him the glory given /Who takes the bud from earth /To bloom in heaven."

These two small monuments are in a large square lot once enclosed by a handsome fence. There are no dates. The lot on the plan of the graveyard is described as belonging to M. Allan.

The Head Quarters, Fredericton, NB, 9 May 1860:

d. Fredericton city (York Co.) 3rd inst., Harry Randolph Allan second s/o T.G. Allan and Catherine E. Allan, age 3 years 5 mos.

The Daily Telegraph, Saint John, NB, 11 July 1864:

d. Fredericton (York Co.) Georgina Maria Dinzey youngest child of Clara and Harris Allan, age 1 year 3 mos.

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