The Robert Macklin family of St. Mary’s Parish


Robert Sr 1790-1878

Mary 1796-1863

Robert Jr. 1828-1904

Mary N. 1835-1897

Enoch W. 1866-1890

Agnes McLeod 1819-1862

Joseph 1825-1906

This is a large granite stone engraved on four sides.

According to Wesleyan Methodist Church records, two sons of Robert and Mary Macklin were christened on 28 May 1832. John Thomas was born 25 June 1830, and Robert was born 15 March 1828.

According to the 1851 census for the Parish of St. Mary’s, Robert McLin [sic], farmer, was 55 and his wife, Mary, was 61. Living with them were Agnes, 29; Joseph, 26; Hannah, 25; Robert Jr., 22; John, 19; and a granddaughter, Mary Ann McLeod, 8.

The Macklins are said to have lived at Killarney Lake. They had a farm opposite Fredericton on the St. Mary’s side of the river. Gibson Memorial Church, now the United Church, Marysville, was begun in 1879 on land donated by Robert and Joseph Macklin.

Five children of Robert Macklin, Jr., and his wife, Mary, were listed in the census of 1881: Herbert, 17; Morris, 16; Enoch, 14; Cora, 12; and Gertrude, 9. His brother Joseph was also in this household. In 1901, Robert Macklin, widower, 65, and Joseph Macklin, unmarried, 70, lived alone together in St. Mary’s.

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