The James Agnew family


James Agnew, Sarah Agnew. Our children

One small tombstone, topped with what appears to be a sleeping lamb, stands in this spacious lot.

Lot #82. Mrs. Agnew claims a lot in the B. Ground, situate in the upper of westerly part, Claimer presumes the lot extends between two paths and room for two graves in width. Bounded on the near side by John Mills’ lot. Not enclosed, has one stone to Agnew children. Claimer’s husband purchased the above lot from Mr. Chestnut some 20 years ago [c.1866].

James Agnew, born 1811, Irish, was a carpenter with several employees. In the 1870s he was one of the assessors in Fredericton. He lived in Charlotte Street, near Sunbury. Other family members were his wife Sarah (born 1824), daughters Ellen (born 1844), Clara (born 1862), and Elizabeth (born 1846), and his mother-in-law, Ellen Rutter (born 1801). Mrs. Stephen Hovey, Jane, was his sister. Another sister, Martha, married N. Cameron.

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