The family of John Lawrence


In Memory of Elizabeth, fourth daughter of John T. and Esther Lawrence, who departed this life August 20th 1845, aged 3 months

This is the only tombstone today in memory of the family of John Lawrence. Another daughter, Victoria Augusta, was born 22 May 1850 and died in December of that same year. She is buried here but her stone is now missing. A sister of these children, Esther Reid, was born 20 August 1843 and baptised in the old Kirk on 17 December 1843.

They were the grandchildren of James Reid of Tay Creek, a well-to-do settler who died in 1858. His children were John, Elizabeth, Esther, Mary Catherine, and Jene. James Reid was his grandson, and his daughter Elizabeth married James Blair. The second daughter, Esther, married John T. Lawrence.

John Lawrence lived on Needham Street. He apparently departed from Fredericton before May 1853, as a notice in the Royal Gazette of 3 May 1853 stated that Angus Cameron, carpenter of Fredericton, wanted payment from John Lawrence, late of Fredericton.

Isaac Lawrence of the New York Volunteers who settled above the Keswick Stream had a son named John.

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