The John Edgecombe family


In memory of Elizabeth Edgecombe the wife of John Edgecombe who departed this life 17th July, 1840 aged 28 years.

Why do we mourn departing friends / Or shake at death’s acclaim? / Tis but the voice, Jesus sends / To call them to his arms.

There is only one stone in this plot enclosed with wrought-iron railings. It marks the grave of John Edgecombe’s first wife, Elizabeth Cater. She did not live to enjoy the successes of her husband.

She and her husband with their two young daughters, Mary Jane and Sophia, were English immigrants arriving in the late 1830s. John Edgecombe was a large carriage manufacturer on the east side of York Street near King Street. In 1883 his factory won first prize at the Dominion Exhibition "for fine and durable workmanship." The Edgecombe family was one of the most prominent in the city.

In 1841, the Royal Gazette reported John Edgecombe’s second marriage, to Ann Jane Wilman, with whom he had nine sons. One of the sons, F.B. Edgecombe (1851-1931), became Fredericton’s most successful dry goods merchant, its largest real estate owner, and an outstanding citizen. He was in business for more than sixty years and at his death was described by the Daily Mail as "the dean of Fredericton merchants."