Margaret Frederike Georgianne Manners-Sutton, infant


In memory of Margaret Frederike Georgianne Manners-Sutton born 30th Dec. 1857, died 5th April, 1858.

"On seraph wings the new born spirit flies / To brighter regions and serener skies / Than far be grief faith looks beyond the tomb / And Heaven’s bright Portals glisten through the gloom. / If bitter thoughts and tears in Heaven could be / It is thine Infant that should weep for thee / …the change when angels’ voices ring / Thy welcome yonder to Eternal rest

"I say unto you that in Heaven their angel do Always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven. (St. Matthew XVIII. Chap. 10th verse.)

"For of such is the kingdom of Heaven. (St. Matthew X1X, Chap., 14th verse.)"

A tall, round pillar with top broken off marks this burial plot. The broken top indicates a young life interrupted by death. This column is falling forward and has been clumsily repaired with cement. The inscription is illegible on four sides of a large base.

The Honourable John Henry Thomas Manners-Sutton (born 1814) was Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick from 1854 to 1861. He was the son of Charles Manners-Sutton, Viscount Canterbury and Baron of Bottesford, County Leicester. The child buried here is the daughter of J.H.T. Manners-Sutton and his wife, Georgiana Tompson.