Reverend William Smithson and family


George C. Hunt and William Smithson claim as joint owners a lot, 18 1/2 x 20 1/3 feet. Situate between the lots of the late Asa Coy and Albert McCausland in the 3rd section north. Surrounded by an iron fence with two gates, one marked W.H. Smithson and the other George C. Hunt. This lot was purchased by the above gentlemen about 1860 from George Botsford, the then Secretary.

Lot #101. In 1886, this lot was claimed by Sophia A. Hunt, the second wife of George C. Hunt, a trader and sea captain.

In memory of Rev. William Smithson, b. 1796, d. May 15, 1860. Also his wife, Elizabeth, b. 1801, d. Jan. 28, 1887. "The memory of the just is blessed."

In memory of Georgianna A.H. Gill, b. Dec. 18, 1842, d. Jan. 25, 1913. "She hath done what she could." Also Julia E. Smithson, b. April 12, 1830, d. Mar. 19, 1908. "At rest." Daughters of Rev. William Smithson.

A footstone inscribed "A.M.S." could be misplaced and may properly belong in the Saunders plot.

The Reverend William Smithson was born in Yorkshire, England, and was for over forty years a Wesleyan Methodist minister. He was resident Methodist minister in Fredericton in 1829, and a Wesleyan minister in Sheffield, 1836-37, subsequently living in St. Stephen and Sackville. His wife was Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Lieut. James Harrison of the New Jersey Volunteers who had settled in Sheffield where Elizabeth was born.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 27 March 1833:

d. 11th inst. Sackville, N.B., Sarah Jane Smithson 2nd d/o Rev. W. Smithson, Wesleyan Missionary, age 3 weeks, 4 days.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 3 February 1841:

Died on the 18th inst. of croup at Milltown, St. Stephen, aged 3 years and 6 month, Thomas Harrison, second son of Rev. Smithson, Wesleyan Missionary.

New Brunswick Reporter, Fredericton, NB, 4 June 1858:

At Woodstock, on Tuesday 1st of June, by the Rev. S.D. Lee Street, rector, Mr. W.H. Smithson, Druggist of Fredericton, to Miss Louise J. youngest daughter of Charles Perley, Esq. M.P.A.

Daily Telegraph, Saint John, NB, 1 February 1887:

The death is announced at Fredericton, of Mrs. Smithson, relict of the late Rev. William Smithson, and mother of Mr. W.H. Smithson, of the General Post Office, Ottawa, Jan. 31, 1887.

The oldest of the three stones marking the Smithson lot is now illegible. When Elizabeth Smithson died in 1887, the inscription read "Husband and Wife." A stone in memory of the son, William H. Smithson (died 1850) has disappeared. The third and tallest stone commemorates the death of two Smithson daughters, Julia and Georgianna.

The census of 1881 suggests that the husband of Georgianna Smithson was most likely Joseph Gaynor Gill, born 1834. According to Wesleyan Methodist Church christening records, Joseph was the son of Thomas and Catherine Gill. He is not buried here. The stone house of Ensign Thomas Gill, Maryland Loyalist, still stands in Lower St. Mary’s.

Alexander McCausland and family


Lot #134. This lot, about 12 feet square, was enclosed by a massive granite curbing with higher granite posts. It is bounded on the north by the Hunt/Smithson lot and south by the lot of Henry Torrens. It contains four handsome white marble memorials and two large white marble footstones. The inscriptions on the four sides of one monument read "Alexander McCausland," "Susannah," "Albert," and "Amelia."

In memory of Alexander McCausland, died 12th December, 1868, in the 67th year of his age. Also his wife, Margery, died 8th September, 1836 ae 27 years and Mary, their daughter, died 10th Dec. 1834 ae 4 years.

Amelia Jane McCausland, 1847-1936. "He giveth his beloved sleep."

In memory of Albert McCausland, died 28th July 1865 ae 35 years. Also his wife Susan died 12 Aug. 1860, ae 22 years.

Susannah Hendry, second wife of Alexander McCausland, died 10th Jan. 1904 ae 88 years.

Franklin A. McCausland, born May 20, 1849, d. Dec. 31, 1926.

In memory of John McCausland, died 14th Sept 1860 ae 38 years. A son of Alexander and Margery.

In memory of Eva, wife of Charles A. McCausland, died Oct. 10th, 1880 ae 26 years.

In memory of Minnie Maude, daughter of James and Ellen McCausland, died July 30th, 1868 ae 18 months.

In memory of Catherine Lyons, wife of Frederick J. Doherty, died Oct. 9th, 1901, aged 70 years.

Footstones: "Father, A.McC." and "Mother, S.McC."

Alexander McCausland and John Torrens in 1846 were school teachers. The former went into business with Thomas Simmonds, a leather cutter. The firm advertised in 1852 as SIMMONDS & McCAUSLAND. In 1870, McCausland and Sons advertised in the Colonial Farmer: "A. McCausland and Sons, Leather and shoe findings, McCausland Building, corner Queen St. and Phoenix Square." Alexander McCausland was in the loyal ministry of the Methodist Church in connection with the Fredericton circuit for thirty years and a member for fifty years.

The second wife of Alexander McCausland was Susannah Hendry. The Hendry family lived at MacDonald’s Point.

The census, 1861, Fredericton, lists Alexander McCausland, 59, Ireland, Tanner, Methodist; his wife, Susannah, 56; James, 27; Amelia, 13; and Franklin, 11. James, the youngest son by his first wife, Margery, was reputed to be a fine amateur actor and worked in his father’s business. Another son by his first wife, Albert W. McCausland, a widower, was boarding with Hubbard Williams. Albert McCausland was a watchmaker and jeweller. At the age of 16 he had lived with his uncle, Justin Spahnn, as an apprentice.

In the 1861 census is an entry for Lucretia McCausland, widow, 31, Methodist, and her children: Anna, 10; Charles, 8; Ella, 7; and George H., aged 5. Also in that household was Catherine “Kate” Lyons, a cousin of Lucretia, 28, born in Ireland.

Lucretia was the widow of John, son of Alexander and Margery McCausland. She married, secondly, Thomas Gilmour of Saint John, a merchant. Her young family went with her to Saint John, but Charles, her eldest son, became a watchmaker in Fredericton like his uncle Albert McCausland. Charles was famous locally for his astronomical clock.

In 1878, Charles McCausland and other heirs of the estate sold their corner of Phoenix Square to A.F. Randolph, who built on this lot an outstanding wholesale business.

George Claxton Hunt, sea captain


Lot #101 was jointly owned by the Hunt and Smithson families. There are six tombstones in the lot, and seven graves. Capt. George C. Hunt and his daughter Mary are buried here; also his son, George Claxton Hunt, with his wife and five of their daughters.

In memory of Mary, only daughter of George Claxton and Philena Hunt, born at St. John, N.B., March 7th, 1825, died in Fredericton August 1st, 1864, ae 39 years

George C. Hunt (1799-1878) was an English sea captain living in Saint John. When his wife Philena (Robinson) died in 1852, he and his daughter Mary moved to Fredericton where he worked as a clerk.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 26 April 1852:

Died, suddenly at Bath, Me. on Wednesday the 14th inst. Mrs. Philena Hunt, wife of Capt. George Hunt, and late of this city.

Captain Hunt’s second marriage was to Sophia Augusta Harding (c.1828- 1890), granddaughter of G. Buchanan, tinsmith, and Theodore H. Harding. This was a Baptist family. The Hunt home was on the west side of Regent Street.

His son, George Claxton Hunt was a druggist, "chemist and apothecary Queen St." for many years. He married Anna Maria Perley, a sister of Louise Perley, Mrs. W.H. Smithson. This family was Church of England.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 19 January 1857:

Married, on the evening of the 14th inst. by the Rev. S.D. Lee Street, Rector of Woodstock, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. George Hunt, of the firm of Chandler & Hunt, Fredericton, to Ann Maria, eldest daughter of Charles Perley, Esq. M.P.P. of Woodstock.

Telegraph-Journal, Saint John, NB, 30 June 1927:

HUNT AND MACDONALD, Fredericton. This firm has been in business as dispensing chemists since 1852 the business being founded in that year as Chandler and Hunt. Later the business was carried on by George C. Hunt, following which the name of the firm was changed to Hunt and MacDonald and is now carried on by Miss Ella P. Hunt.

One stone is inscribed "HUNT 1870" and bears the names of three of George and Ann Maria’s daughters.

Bertha (Isabella) d. Aug. 31st, 1864 ae 10 months

Maggie B d. Sept. 1860 ae 7 months

Ella Perley Hunt entered into rest July 5, 1930 ae 71

On the reverse is inscribed:

IHS Anna Maria beloved wife of George Claxton Hunt, d March 15, 1900 ae 70 years.

IHS George Claxton Hunt entered into rest Aug. 8, 1911, ae 84 years.

There is also a stone to two other daughters, Gertrude Annie (1866-1943) and Mary L. (born 1858).

The Fredericton census for 1881 lists George C. Hunt, 53, and Annie M., 52, living with four daughters: Mary L., 22; Ella P., 20; Gertrude A. 14; and Bessie L. aged 13. In 1901 the widower George Hunt was living with Ella Perley Hunt, his unmarried daughter.