Sarah Jane Smyth, wife of Andrew Sinclair


In memory of Sarah J. Sinclair, died September 20, 1886 aged 66 years.

R. Allen Sinclair died Aug. 12, 1862 aged 6 years and 9 months.

Jane Smythe died Aug. 15, 1876 aged 78 years.

Another large stone marker, "MOTHER," stands at some distance from the tall monument, indicating that the lot is large. It may be that there are more than three or four graves belonging to this family.

There is no tombstone for Andrew Sinclair, who came from Scotland in 1835 at the age of nineteen. Sarah Jane Smyth, his wife, came from Ireland with her mother in the same year.

One Andrew Sinclair was a shoemaker, in King Street near Regent in 1865 and in George Street in 1871, according to directories. He may have been a brother of Robert Sinclair, who married Matilda Smyth.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 28 August 1843:

Married on Friday evening last by the Rev. Samuel Robinson, Mr. Robert Sinclair, to Miss Matilda Smyth, all of this city.

In 1871, Jane Smyth, age 72, widow, was living with her daughter, Sarah Jane Sinclair, who had parted from her husband. Her six children resided with her.

New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser, Fredericton, NB, 15 August 1876:

d. St. John, 15th inst., at residence of Mrs. Sarah J. SINCLAIR, Mrs. Jane SMYTH, 78th year. Funeral will take place in Fredericton city from steamer on arrival from St. John Thursday.

This burial lot was claimed in 1886 by S. J. Sinclair, who died that September.

Lillie Bell Phillips, aged 5 months


Lillie Bell daughter of Joseph and Annie E. Phillips died 25th Oct. 1866 aged 5 months and 20 days.

The inscription was copied in 1953, but by the time the small stone was to be checked for location and epitaph, it had been removed by vandals. It is thought to have been in the large square lot surrounded by a handsome iron fence claimed in 1886 by J. Edgecombe.

Joseph Phillips (1828-1905) was a son of Zophar Phillips and his wife Mehitable Dunphy. The Phillips family and the Sinclairs, whose burial plot is adjoining, settled on the Rusagonis River. Joseph Phillips, of all his family, eventually settled in Fredericton. He and Elizabeth [Ann] Edgecombe married in 1859, and they had three children of whom Lillie Bell was the youngest. In 1901, Joseph and Annie E. Phillips had living with them a son, R. Bedford H. Phillips, 38, and a daughter, Ida E., 34. It is thought that Joseph and his wife are buried in this lot.

According to records, Joseph Phillips was a school teacher in 1851, 1865, and 1871. The 1851 census listed him as the proprietor of a hotel, the Brayley House in Queen Street, a brick building near the People’s Bank opposite Gibson’s Store. Also, he was proprietor of the stage between Fredericton and Woodstock. The New Brunswick Directory for 1865-66 lists his hotel at the steamboat landing.