Agnes Strachan Partelow, wife of Henry J. Robinson


Agnes Strachan, beloved wife of Henry J. Robinson, Esq. late of H.M. 76th Regiment. Died at Saint John Sept. 12th, 1868, in the 34th year of her age.

Henry Jeffrey Robinson of H.M. 76th Regiment of Foot was an Irishman who remained in Fredericton when his regiment departed, and married Agnes Strachan Partelow, daughter of the Honourable John R. Partelow, Provincial Secretary of New Brunswick from 1848 to 1854. He and his wife lived in the house which is now numbered 868 George Street. In 1865, they bought another house, 725 George Street, then newly improved. It was said that the ill health of his wife marred the first few years in that house.

In 1869, Henry Robinson took for his second wife Sarah Black, a sister of the late John Black, Barrister, and a daughter of Rev. John Black of Springhill. Her unmarried sister Eleanor lived with them. Some years later Henry J. Robinson took his wife to Ireland to live and her niece, Ethel Rainsford, visited them there. Henry Robinson was well-connected. He had no children.

Gleaner, Fredericton, NB, 4 April 1896:

A cable from Port Rush, Ireland announces the death at that place today of Col. H.J. ROBINSON, brother-in-law of John BLACK, M.P.P. of this city. Col. Robinson, who resided in this city about 14 years ago, was stricken with paralysis some months since and latterly no hope of recovery was held out. Mrs. Robinson will have the sympathy of friends in her affliction.

Captain Andrew William Rainsford, 104th Regiment


Captain Andrew Rainsford of the 104th Regt., his wife Mary Ann. Their son Robert Hall, and his wife Henrietta.

Sacred to the memory of Caroline Frances Farley, died 14th December 1862, aged 42 years, and George Moodie, died March 17th 1863, aged 25 years, children of Captain Andrew Wm. Rainsford.

John A. Adams, 1821-1879. His wife Cecilia, daughter of the late Capt. Andrew Rainsford, 1830-1910. "At rest."

"In memoriam. Weep not. Suffer little children to come unto me." Fanny J. beloved only daughter of Cecilia and J.A. Adams, aged eight years twenty-two days, died in Montreal 29th August 1871.

Captain Andrew William Rainsford was the son of Andrew Rainsford (1734-1820), Loyalist, who had a grant of 500 acres at Kingsclear. Capt. Rainsford served in the War of 1812 with two of his brothers, Charles and Bradshaw, and later settled in Upper Canada. He married Mary Ann Clarke, daughter of Simon Clarke, in Montreal in 1816. Robert Hall Rainsford, their son, a wine merchant, was born in Ontario.

Cecilia Rainsford married John Augustus Adams in Fredericton, 1862. He was a brother of W.H. Adams of Saint John. The couple lived for a time in Saint John, where Fanny Jane was born, before relocating to Montreal.

Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy and his wife George Wetmore


In memory of Jasper Nugent Murphy, M.D. 1815-1878, his wife George H. Ludlow, 1822-1909, their son Jasper Nugent, 1852-1859, aged 7 years.

Mrs. J.N. Murphy was George Ludlow Harriet Wetmore. She was named for her father, Judge George Ludlow Wetmore, who fell in the Wetmore-Street duel in 1821. The widow, Harriet Wetmore, lived with the Murphys. Her brother was Andrew Rainsford who served in the 104th Regiment. Dr. Murphy’s home was on the river bank at the lower end of Queen Street, behind the site of the present Lord Beaverbrook Hotel.

Dr. Murphy was a widower when he married George Wetmore. The Murphys had seven daughters and two sons. One son, Jasper Nugent, died in the scarlet fever epidemic. The other son, William, died at the age of seventeen. He was accidentally shot by his uncle, barrister James Wetmore, while they were cleaning guns in Dr. Murphy’s house. The daughters were Susan, Fanny, Gertrude, Harriet Courtland Ludlow, Catherine, Emily Elizabeth, and Margaret.