Grosvenor and Purdie


Sacred to the memory of Wm. Grosvenor born in Fredericton 3rd January 1807, died April 15th 1864. "The righteous hath hope in their death."

Also his beloved wife, Mary Jane Purdie, who died at Edinburgh 20th June 1901, aged 76 years.

Also Wm. S. son of Wm. and Mary Jane Grosvenor, who was born in Fredericton and died in Edinburgh, Scotland, March 9th 1908, aged 51 years.

This impressive tall stone is draped with a carved mantle.

Samuel Grosvenor, the father of William, came from Vermont about 1795 and died in Fredericton in 1825. He had 11 children: Sophia; Hannah; Maria; William; Elizabeth; Charles; Samuel Frasier (1812-1882); Mary (1814-1877); Joseph (1815-1816); George (1818-1890); and Jane, died in infancy.

William Grosvenor kept the leading dry goods store of his day, on Queen Street opposite Officers Square. After his death, his widow returned with their young sons, Joseph P. (born 1851) and William S., to her family in Scotland.