Charles Long of Long’s Hotel, Fredericton


Lot #34. This apparently vacant lot, 9 x 18 feet, situated between that of Richard Estey and John Gregory, is in the name of W.W. Long and was claimed by him in 1866. It is thought that Charles Long is buried here, possibly with his wife Catherine.

The Longs, like the Hovey family, came from Ludlow. Charles Long was the owner of Long’s Hotel, which was the large brick building on the corner of King and York Streets. He built a home at 369 George Street for himself and his family, which included Alfred E., a school teacher; George, a clerk; Isaac, a harness maker; and John, an ostler. William W. Long, who claimed this lot, was also a son of Charles.

The Old Kirk Baptismal Records list, 16 November 1854, a son, Andrew, born to William Long and his wife Jane Kelly.

In the Fredericton census of 1871, Charles Long, aged 64, and his wife Catherine, 63, are listed as living up the Nashwaak with their sons Isaac, 29, and Alfred, 20. In the same year William Long, 35, with his second wife, Louisa, 29, and a 1-year-old son, Harrison, were living in the home of Susanna Pickard, aged 76.

William W. Long was a charter member of the Fredericton Orange Lodge which was formed in 1844. He was described in the Fredericton Directory, 1865-66, as a farmer living at the corner of King and York Streets, and in the 1877 Directory as deputy sheriff and gaoler, living on Brunswick Street in the gaol.

Richard Estey


In memory of Ann, wife of Richard Estey, born April 13, 1815, died May 22, 1866.

Martha Ann, daughter of Richard and Ann Estey, who died April 16, 1862 in the 25th year of her age.

Richard Estey, mill owner and lumber dealer of the Post Road, Fredericton, married Ann Pickard. His mill was near Mill Creek below Fredericton. His wife and daughter are buried here. Another daughter was the second wife of John Allen, only son of Hon. Isaac Allen. His son, Richard A. Estey, had a mill on the bank of the river above Westmorland Street, at the top of Campbell Street.

The first Estey family, Isaac and Mary, settled in Maugerville in 1764.

Richard P. Winter


In memory of Clara Hale, daughter of R.P. and R.S. Winter, died 4th Oct. 1862 in the 16th year of her age.

Richard P. Winter, 1818-1871.

His wife Rebecca S. 1822-1871.

Footstone: “C.H.W.”

Richard P. Winter, prior to 1850, was described as "mechanic" and was a carpenter. He married in 1843, and the family attended the Methodist Church.

Royal Gazette Supplement, Fredericton, NB, 15 April 1843:

Married on Thursday evening, the 13th inst. by the Rev. Sampson Busby, Mr. R.P. Winter of Fredericton, to Miss Rebekah S. Ward, youngest daughter of Mr. John Ward of Kentville, Nova Scotia.

His children were Henry P. (born 1845), Clara Hale (born 1847), Marian Bertrand (born 5 December 1848), Herbert G. (born 1851), and Emma Elizabeth (born 25 April 1855). They resided in Campbell Street for some years as his mother, Susan Winter, and her second husband, Thomas Pickard, owned property there.

R.P. Winter entered the grocery business and for years conducted a successful business in the brick building on the corner of Queen and Westmorland Streets, where James Hale had a general store in the 1840s, and where Winter had been an assistant. His home was a large house on the north-east corner of Regent and Brunswick Streets. His grocery business was in York Street just prior to his death in 1871. At one time he was a customs officer, as was his son Herbert.