John Williams and John C. Williams, carpenters


In memory of Eliza, wife of the late John Williams, who died Feb. 17th 1889, aged 84 [?] years.

John C. Williams, born Oct. 27th 1837, died Nov. 18th, 1873. Erected by his wife. "Boast not thyself of to-morrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth."

The Williams lot was purchased from Henry Chestnut in 1864.

John Williams, husband of Eliza, was a carpenter and a builder. He built and lived in the first house below the gaol on George Street.

John C. Williams, also a carpenter, was his son.

The eldest daughter of John and Eliza Williams, Elizabeth H., married John Robinson in 1857. The widow Eliza Williams and her children, John, Henry, Emma, and Fanny, shared a house with the John Robinson family in 1871.

Colonial Farmer, Fredericton, NB, 30 October 1871:

m. Christ Church, 18th inst., by Rev. J.C. Pearson, Charles C. VAIL, Carleton (St. John) / Frances M. WILLIAMS d/o late John WILLIAMS, Fredericton City.

Henry, son of Rev. John Pearson


Henry Francis Pearson, 1873 In Peace.

A handsome cruciform tomb lies in this plot, in memory of Henry Francis Pearson, died 13 February 1873, aged 11 years. He died in the scarlet fever epidemic and was the child of the Reverend John Pearson. In 1878, Rev. Pearson was buried here with his son.

The Fredericton census for 1871 lists John Pearson, 41, English, Clerk in Holy Orders, Church of England, with his wife, Fanny, 41, and three children: Frances L., 16, born in Nova Scotia; Henry F., 9; and Ellen M., 7 years. The younger two children were born in Newfoundland.

Records show that Rev. John Pearson was stationed in Newfoundland in the early 1860s. He was sub-dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, from May 1864 to October 1875. A letter was published in a Saint John newspaper demanding to know why the sub-dean of the Cathedral was not appointed Rector of Fredericton to succeed Rev. Charles Lee who drowned in 1873. This appointment had fallen instead to the Reverend George Goodridge Roberts.