Archdeacon George Coster and family


In memory of George Coster, A.M. Rector of Fredericton and Archdeacon of New Brunswick, born November 29th, 1794, died January 9, 1859. Eleanor, his wife, and Maria, his sister.

A handsome stone, engraved on both sides, marks the deaths of the Archdeacon and his wife. A crypt at Christ Church Cathedral contains their mortal remains. Maria Coster (born 1787, died 3 February 1862) is buried here.

Born at Newbury, Berkshire, England, Archdeacon Coster came to Fredericton in 1829. His wife was Eleanor Hansard (born 1797, died 11 March 1863). They lived in the rectory on George Street, which later became the Limerick home.

Behind the rectory on Charlotte Street lived their only son, the Reverend Charles George Coster, who taught at the old Academy (Fredericton Collegiate School), which was first on Brunswick Street and then on George Street. He married Grace C. Holbrook, a daughter of the former headmaster. Rev. Charles Coster boarded some of the out-of-town boys in his home, the western ell of the house having been built to accommodate them.

Archdeacon Coster had eleven daughters, seven of whom married. Volume III of this work mistakenly named Gertrude Coster as the wife of Joseph Edmund Collins; Collins’ wife was Gertrude Anna, a daughter of Dr. Murphy.

George Woods and his wife Jane Fenton


Miss Lillie A. Woods claims a lot 13 x 20 situate in the new part and adjoining a small lot owned by one Jasper Murphy with monument. Half of the above lot is enclosed with granite posts, the other half having no enclosure but simply marked off. This lot was purchased by Miss L.A. Woods’ mother some 20 years ago from R. Woods for which a receipt is held.

A large new rose quartz stone, with “Father” and “Mother” engraved on the base, stands in this lot. It is four-sided and engraved on three sides.

“FATHER” In loving memory of George Woods, who departed this life 6th October, 1859 aged 59 years.

“MOTHER” In loving memory of Jane Fenton, wife of George Woods, who departed this life 13th October, 1887, in the 81st year of her age.

The home of George Woods stood on the site of 24 Waterloo Row.

Advertisement, November 1828:

The Fredericton Reading and News Room are now opening for the reception of members and their friends in Mr. Hatheway’s brick building in Queen Street opposite the Military Promenade every day, Sundays excepted, from 9 o’clock in the morning till 9 o’clock in the evening. George Woods, Fredericton, December 2.

New Brunswick Courier, 7 March 1835:

Married on Wednesday morning, 25th ult. in Christ Church, Fredericton, by the Ven. Archdeacon Coster, Mr. George Woods, merchant, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr. James Fenton of Dramore, Ireland.

Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy and his wife George Wetmore


In memory of Jasper Nugent Murphy, M.D. 1815-1878, his wife George H. Ludlow, 1822-1909, their son Jasper Nugent, 1852-1859, aged 7 years.

Mrs. J.N. Murphy was George Ludlow Harriet Wetmore. She was named for her father, Judge George Ludlow Wetmore, who fell in the Wetmore-Street duel in 1821. The widow, Harriet Wetmore, lived with the Murphys. Her brother was Andrew Rainsford who served in the 104th Regiment. Dr. Murphy’s home was on the river bank at the lower end of Queen Street, behind the site of the present Lord Beaverbrook Hotel.

Dr. Murphy was a widower when he married George Wetmore. The Murphys had seven daughters and two sons. One son, Jasper Nugent, died in the scarlet fever epidemic. The other son, William, died at the age of seventeen. He was accidentally shot by his uncle, barrister James Wetmore, while they were cleaning guns in Dr. Murphy’s house. The daughters were Susan, Fanny, Gertrude, Harriet Courtland Ludlow, Catherine, Emily Elizabeth, and Margaret.

Dr. Vail or Dr. Cougle?




Dr. Edwin (Vail) Cougle was the son of Dr. John C. Vail and the grandson of the Reverend Oliver Arnold, Loyalist, Lieutenant of the Volunteers of New England, 1781, and the first rector of Sussex. Edwin Vail took the surname of his first wife, Charlotte, a granddaughter of John Cougle, Loyalist, Captain of the New Jersey Volunteers, 1776, who settled at Sussex Corner.

Dr. Edwin Cougle’s second wife, Fanny, was a sister of Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy. The footstone in the Cougle plot refers to the grave of Mrs. Murphy. She was born soon after the duel fought in October 1821 in which her father, George Ludlow Wetmore, was killed and she was christened George Ludlow Harriet, the names of her deceased father and that of her mother. She is buried in Section J with her husband.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. III, p. 280.