John Collins, tailor


Lot #98 has no monuments.

JOHN COLLINS claims a lot NEW PART of the Burial Ground size 8 x 14. Situate in the 1st section West. Not Enclosed. Bounded North by the F. Adams lot East by the S.R. Miller lot South by the Wm Ryan lot and West by a walk. Mr. Collins purchased this lot from Henry Chestnut some 20 years ago.

New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser, Fredericton, NB, 26 July 1850:

m. 12th June, by Rev. Wm Temple, John COLLINS / Miss Margaret KEITH

John Collins, tailor, and his wife, Margaret Keith (or Keefe), had seven children living in 1871. Their eldest son, born 1851, was baptised in the Kirk but the family seem to have been Methodist. A daughter, Alice M., married Charles Elbridge Esty in 1877 and died the following year, aged twenty-two years.

New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser, Fredericton, NB, 13 July 1887:

John COLLINS, tailor, died at his residence yesterday after many weeks of failing health. He will probably be buried with Oddfellows ceremony.

Gleaner, Fredericton, NB, 23 April 1891:

…died in Fredericton city, at her residence, corner of George and Westmorland streets, a well known lady, Margaret COLLINS relict of John COLLINS. She had been a sufferer for many years from liver complaint which terminated her life at 7 o’clock this morn., 23rd inst. Deceased has been a member of the Methodist Church for many years. Of her family of six, three are residents of Boston. She will be interred in the Methodist Cemetery, Sunday afternoon 2 o’clock.

Mary Jane, first wife of Samuel R. Miller


In memory of Mary Jane, beloved wife of S.R. Miller, died May 19th, 1864, aged 34 years.

This is a large lot containing one imposing stone. It is bordered by wrought iron fencing on three sides. One side is shared with the Segee lot.

Samuel R. Miller was a bookbinder and bookseller, at the corner of York and Brunswick Streets. He owned most of the land between York Street and the old Protestant burying ground. He built the original of what is called the Van Buskirk house and also a row of cottages on the George Street side of the property.

Christian Visitor, Saint John, NB, 13 September 1866:

m. 5th inst., St. John’s Church, Manawagonish (St. John) by Rev. Theodore G. Dowling, Rector of Douglas, assisted by Rev. W.S. Covert, Rector of Lancaster, S.R. Miller, Esq., Fredericton (York Co.) / Susie E. d/o James QUINTON, Esq., M.P.P., Manawagonish.

Saint John Globe, Saint John, NB, 21 October 1891:

A telegram was received here today announcing that Capt. CURRIE of San Francisco, Ca. was killed at sea. There are no particulars but Rupert MILLER telegraphs that his mother is prostrated at the news. Mrs. Currie, who was formerly Miss Susan QUINTON of this city, is a sister of William QUINTON.

John Richards and family


John Richards claims a lot 10 x 20 NEW PART adjoining the Odell lot. Enclosed by granite posts with iron rods and chains. Mr. Richards purchases this lot from George Botsford.

Only the markers are left: “H.A.R.,” “J.R.,” “E.R.,” “T.R.,” “G.L.R.,” “J.O.W.R.,” and “J.T.R.”

John Richards was born in 1823 and married Helen Ann Long, born 1826. Their children were Helen M., James F., Charles L., Fanny F., Minnie B., and Annie. In the 1851 census, John Richards, 28, is listed with his wife, Helen A., 25, and an infant daughter, Sarah. In 1862 he was a commission merchant, furniture dealer, insurance agent, city auditor, ticket agent, and a prominent Mason. He was a sitting magistrate of York County in the 1870s. He also was secretary-treasurer of the Fredericton Railway Company of which Thomas Temple was President, 1876. When he died in 1897, John Richards was assistant Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

The marker "E.R." probably refers to John Richards’s Welsh mother, Eleanor, who lived in Fredericton with A.P. Miller and family in 1871.

The Elijah Clark family

Clark / Clarke

Elijah Clark claims a lot NEW PART adjoining Chestnut lot being about sixteen feet front on the avenue, enclosed with a wooden rail fence and marked by monuments to his son William C. Clark and to his daughter. This lot was purchased from R. Woods some 20 years ago, 1866, for the sum of $16.00.

Elijah Clark, born March 31, 1816, died May 18, 1894. Margaret, his wife, born May 22nd, 1823, died Jan. 30, 1908.

Eliza H. Clark, born May 7th, 1848, died June 6th, 1882.

Charles S. Clark, born Aug. 22, 1856, died July 23rd, 1885.

Julia A. Jordon, eldest daughter of E. Clark, born April 25, 1843, died Sept. 13, 1885. Janet C. Jordon, grand-daughter of E. Clark, born March 8th, 1873, died March 8th, 1890.

Duncan McK. Clark, born Sept. 1854, died Nov. 17th, 1883.

M. Alice Clark died June 28, 1915.

Footstones: “W.C.C.,” “E.H.C.,” “J.C.J.,” “C.S.C.,” and “M.C.”

Today there are no monuments for the grave of Elijah Clark nor for his daughter Julia A. Jordon. The marker "W.C.C." is all that remains for William, who died at the age of 20, in 1870.

Isaac Clark, the father of Elijah and uncle of Abraham Henry Clarke was buried here at Fredericton, 1851, in the 89th year of his age. He came from Maine in 1777. During his last sixty years, he resided in Fredericton where he was highly esteemed by the Methodist Society, with which he had been connected for fifty years, and by the inhabitants generally. He was one of the first trustees of the Methodist Church in Fredericton, built about 1808.

Royal Gazette Supplement, Fredericton, NB, 13 August 1842:

Married in the Wesleyan Chapel, Portland at 6 o’clock on Wednesday last, by the Rev. George Miller, Mr. Elijah Clark, of Fredericton to Margaret, youngest daughter of William McKee, of Portland, St. John.

Elijah Clark sold shoes and was also a hatter. His shop was on Queen Street and he lived on Westmorland. He was a Director of the People’s Bank in 1863. Alice Clark, Elijah’s daughter, taught in the New Brunswick Normal School for many years. She was the author of Domestic Economy and Plain Sewing and Knitting, 1890.

Daily Telegraph, Saint John, NB, 19 May 1894:

Elijah CLARK, one of Fredericton’s oldest and most respected citizens, died at an early hour Friday morn., age 78. Deceased was born near Bridgetown, N.S. and removed to Fredericton in 1841 going into business as a hatter. He ran his business successfully until about a year ago when he was forced to assign in consequence of liabilities assumed in connection with the affairs of Geo. Hatt & Sons. Deceased leaves a widow and two daughters, Mrs. Geo. HATT and Miss M. Alice CLARK of the Normal School.