Hon. Charles MacPherson and family


The Hon. Charles MacPherson died June 8, 1874, aged 72 years. Elizabeth, his wife died April [?] 10th, 1878, aged 55 years.

Henry Porter, drowned at sea Feb. 3, 1876, aged 28 years.

Chas. Simpson died Dec. 12, 1874, aged 20 years. Sons of Chas. and Eliza. MacPherson.

Fannie died Sept. 4, 1864, aged 24 years. Daughter of Charles MacPherson.

This lot measures 12 x 14 feet.

Charles MacPherson was a lumber merchant, his place of business in Regent Street near the wharf. He bought from the Robert Rankin Company, shipbuilders, a property along the river next above the court house and built a frame house at the lower end of Campbell Street on Market Square. This house was directly behind that of the Hon. John S. Saunders whose house faced Queen Street.

Fannie, buried here, was the only child of Charles MacPherson and his first wife, Fanny Belyea.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 27 January 1836:

m. Grace Church, Portland, St. John, Monday morn., 18th inst by Rev. G. L. Wiggins, Charles McPHERSON, Fredericton / Fanny Susannah BELYEA 2nd d/o William BELYEA of Indiantown.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 5 November 1842:

Died on the 23rd ult. after a long painful illness which she endured with meek and patient submission to the Divine Will, Fanny Susannah, wife of Mr. Charles MacPherson of this place, aged 27 years, leaving an only daughter

In 1846 Charles MacPherson was married, secondly, to Elizabeth ("Eliza"), eldest daughter of Henry Porter, Esq. of Saint John, an alderman and Justice of the Peace. They were married in Saint John. Henry Porter MacPherson, son of Charles and Eliza, was born on 15 February 1848 and baptised in the Old Kirk in Fredericton on 11 June 1848.

Charles MacPherson was a member of the Legislature for York County continuously from January 1851 until 1861, during which time he was elected five times and was sent to England as an emissary. Also, for the year 1857, he was a member of the Executive Council and Chief Commissioner of Public Works. Charles MacPherson was elected again in 1870 and was active until his death in 1874 just prior to the election in that year in which he was unable to offer as a candidate. Lemuel P. Wilmot was escorted by Charles MacPherson to the hustings where from a platform in front of the Old Market House he made his debut in a political speech, very powerful, and he was returned unopposed as the representative for the County of York.

New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser, Fredericton, NB, 10 June 1874:

Death of Hon. Chas. MacPHERSON – at one time carried on an immence business in lumbering, shipping, ship-building, etc. and for many years represented this county in which he was born and resided for the past 70 years. He was first elected to the House of Assembly in 1851, and again at the general election in 1854. He was appointed to the office of Board of Works on Sept. 4th, 1856 which he held for upwards of a year. For two or three sessions he retired from public life, to be elected again in 1870.

The Campbells of Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, and Kingsclear, New Brunswick


In memory of Christianna, beloved wife of James A. Campbell, died 23rd May 1865 aged 54 years.

John Campbell departed this life 22nd Dec. 1931 aged 94.

James A. Campbell died Oct. 22nd 1901 in the 97th year of his age.

Lot #87. James A. Campbell of Kingsclear and his wife are buried here, and it is thought that two of his sons and their wives are also here although there is an inscription for one son only. The tall handsome memorial to his mother is now well nigh illegible. It stands alone in this lot measuring 11 x 14 feet, enclosed by an iron railing. The lot was purchased in 1866.

James Campbell was born in Kirkcudbrightshire. He married Christianna Mitchell, daughter of Alexander Mitchell and his wife, Mary McPherson, who brought their family in 1827 from Inverskip, Renfrewshire, and settled at Scotch Lake in York County, New Brunswick.

William Mitchell, brother of Mrs. Campbell, was the father of James Mitchell, a barrister practising in St. Stephen. The Honourable James Mitchell was first elected in 1882 for the County of Charlotte and had a successful political career, being Premier of New Brunswick.

James A. Campbell and his family were supporters of the Kirk in Fredericton. Their children were Mary, James, Annie, Sarah, John Alexander, and Robert. Mary married William Cooper of Fredericton; James married Isabel Mitchell; Annie died unmarried; Sarah married William Edgar; Robert is believed to have married a Miss Kedey in Saint John; and John Alexander, born 18 February 1838 in Kingsclear, was a farmer all his life.

John Alexander Campbell did much to promote agricultural development, and for several years was a member of the Board of Agriculture, which in the old days acted in an advisory capacity to the Provincial Government. When a boy, he attended an Agricultural Exhibition held at Province Hall, and being greatly impressed with the value of such gatherings to those engaged in farming, he did all in his power to encourage their continuance. For upwards of thirty years he held the presidential office in the Fredericton Agricultural Society, which conducted many successful exhibitions at the capital. When compelled to retire because of advancing years, he became honorary president of the society and its holding company, Fredericton Exhibition Limited.

He offered as a candidate for the Legislative Assembly (York) on a Liberal ticket in 1899, and was elected by a large majority. He was re-elected in 1903 and retired in 1908.

For a number of years prior to his death, the Directors of Fredericton Exhibition Limited made his birthday the occasion for a sleigh drive and visit to his hospitable home. In 1903, when Mr. Frank Cooper was first made a Director of this company, John Campbell, his uncle, was President and presided at the meeting. When he died in 1931, John Campbell held the office of Honorary President. Mr. Cooper continued as a Director for more than fifty years.

John Alexander Campbell was married to Evelina Dunphy. He was survived by one son, John, and four daughters: Ida married Elias Wetmore Henry of Magaguadavic, who was a veterinary surgeon; Christina married Albert Everett; Eliza remained unmarried; and Annie married Dr. J. W. MacNeill who removed from Fredericton to Saskatoon where he became administrator of the Provincial Hospital and received an honorary degree from the University of Saskatchewan.