McCrea and Matheson


William McCrea claims a lot #169, in the New Part of Burial Ground, six feet wide and extending between two walks. Situate between the Straton lot and George Street. Hence not enclosed, Bounded or marked, contains four graves with head Boards, Wm. McCrea claims the right of interment for himself and family and his two sisters. This lot was purchased from Henry Chestnut by the Claimer’s father about 30 years ago.

This was an Irish family. It is not known where John McCrea is buried. Rebecca, his widow, who died on 9 August 1869, aged 67, is buried in the Matheson lot, in Section A of this burial ground. In the census of 1851, Rebecca McCrea, her son, George, 22, and her daughter, Mary Ann, 19, were listed as lodgers in the home of H. Shepherd Estey. Mary Ann married John Matheson.

This lot had been jointly owned by McCrea and Matheson. There are now no stones in the lot.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. I, p. 15.