Hon. Charles MacPherson and family


The Hon. Charles MacPherson died June 8, 1874, aged 72 years. Elizabeth, his wife died April [?] 10th, 1878, aged 55 years.

Henry Porter, drowned at sea Feb. 3, 1876, aged 28 years.

Chas. Simpson died Dec. 12, 1874, aged 20 years. Sons of Chas. and Eliza. MacPherson.

Fannie died Sept. 4, 1864, aged 24 years. Daughter of Charles MacPherson.

This lot measures 12 x 14 feet.

Charles MacPherson was a lumber merchant, his place of business in Regent Street near the wharf. He bought from the Robert Rankin Company, shipbuilders, a property along the river next above the court house and built a frame house at the lower end of Campbell Street on Market Square. This house was directly behind that of the Hon. John S. Saunders whose house faced Queen Street.

Fannie, buried here, was the only child of Charles MacPherson and his first wife, Fanny Belyea.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 27 January 1836:

m. Grace Church, Portland, St. John, Monday morn., 18th inst by Rev. G. L. Wiggins, Charles McPHERSON, Fredericton / Fanny Susannah BELYEA 2nd d/o William BELYEA of Indiantown.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 5 November 1842:

Died on the 23rd ult. after a long painful illness which she endured with meek and patient submission to the Divine Will, Fanny Susannah, wife of Mr. Charles MacPherson of this place, aged 27 years, leaving an only daughter

In 1846 Charles MacPherson was married, secondly, to Elizabeth ("Eliza"), eldest daughter of Henry Porter, Esq. of Saint John, an alderman and Justice of the Peace. They were married in Saint John. Henry Porter MacPherson, son of Charles and Eliza, was born on 15 February 1848 and baptised in the Old Kirk in Fredericton on 11 June 1848.

Charles MacPherson was a member of the Legislature for York County continuously from January 1851 until 1861, during which time he was elected five times and was sent to England as an emissary. Also, for the year 1857, he was a member of the Executive Council and Chief Commissioner of Public Works. Charles MacPherson was elected again in 1870 and was active until his death in 1874 just prior to the election in that year in which he was unable to offer as a candidate. Lemuel P. Wilmot was escorted by Charles MacPherson to the hustings where from a platform in front of the Old Market House he made his debut in a political speech, very powerful, and he was returned unopposed as the representative for the County of York.

New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser, Fredericton, NB, 10 June 1874:

Death of Hon. Chas. MacPHERSON – at one time carried on an immence business in lumbering, shipping, ship-building, etc. and for many years represented this county in which he was born and resided for the past 70 years. He was first elected to the House of Assembly in 1851, and again at the general election in 1854. He was appointed to the office of Board of Works on Sept. 4th, 1856 which he held for upwards of a year. For two or three sessions he retired from public life, to be elected again in 1870.

Cameron and Rutter


Sacred to the memory of Mother and Father. Nathaniel Cameron died Sept. 19th 1879 aged 81 years; his wife Martha H. died March 27th 1869 aged 60 years.

John Cameron, born Feb. 17th 1831, died March 15th 1892.

William Cameron born July 26th 1834, died July 1, 1906.

James N. Cameron, born Oct. 10th 1839, died July 26th 1893.

In memory of Martha Cameron who departed this life March 27th 1869 aged 60 years.

Sacred to the memory Thomas Rutter who departed this life May 22nd 1865 aged 44 years.

Lots #67 and #68. Both lots are the same size, and marked "Cameron" on the plan of the burial ground.

In Lot #67, measuring 13 x 14 feet, surrounded by a cast iron ornamental fence, are five graves of the Cameron family. There are three tombstones in this lot, but that to the memory of Thomas Rutter applies to his grave in the lot next adjoining, #68. Six footstones are inscribed "W.C.," "J.C.," "N.C.," "M.C.," "T.R.," and "J.N.C." The footstone marked "T.R." is also misplaced.

Nathaniel Cameron married Martha Agnew on 27 April 1828, at which time the bride’s father, William Agnew, and his family were living in St. Mary’s. Nathaniel Cameron and his three sons, John, William, and James N., were butchers and prosperous. They had a butcher shop in King Street on the corner of St. John Street, and another most successful business in York Street near Queen Street. McCarthy, another butcher, was a partner to this last establishment.

Lot #68 contains the graves of Thomas Rutter, cabinetmaker, and his wife, Martha, daughter of Nathaniel and Martha Cameron. Only the base for one post remains of a cast iron fence which surrounded this lot, similar to that around the Cameron graves. Thomas Rutter built and occupied the house on St. John Street that was later occupied by Mrs. A. E. Hanson.

Lot #68. Mr. John Cameron claims for Mrs. M. Rutter a lot in the Burial Ground. Size about 12 x 14 feet. Situate in the New part, Bounded on the North by Hon. Chas. McPhersons [sic] Lot, On the South by the Cameron Lot, On the East by S.L. Tilleys Lot, and on the West by Allen Street. Enclosed with an iron paling, and marked by a Monument to the late Thomas Rutter. This lot was purchased from the Sec. of the Citizens Comt by the late Thomas Rutter.

Capt. Walter Godwin Hawkins, 15th Regiment of Foot


Unmarked grave.

Sacred to the memory of Walter Godwin Hawkins, Captain, Fifteenth Regt. of Foot. Died May 28th, 1863, Fredericton, N.B. aged 27 years, in whose memory his brother officers erected a monument in token of their esteem and affection in his Parish Church, St. Martins, Dorsetshire, England.

New Brunswick Reporter, Fredericton, NB, 29 May 1863:

Members of Solomon Lodge, No. 764 are requested to be at their lodge room Saturday for the purpose of attending the funeral of their late brother, Captain Hawkins, by order of A.M. [signed] Alex MacPherson, Secretary, Fredericton (York County) May 29.

Stevenson and MacPherson


William Stevenson, b. June 15, 1800, d. Mar. 21, 1872. Mary, his wife, b. June 17, 1797, d. Jan. 7, 1860.

James D. MacPherson, born Oct. 15, 1824, died Jan. 29, 1888.

These inscriptions are on either side of a substantial stone.

William Stevenson was a grocer, Queen and Phoenix Square, according to the New Brunswick Directory for 1865-66.

James MacPherson was a harness maker. Samuel D. McPherson advertised in the New Brunswick Directory his Saddle and Harness manufactory in Queen Street which had been established for thirty-four years. James was a son of Samuel and a member of that important business. He was a brother of Mary Stevenson, and also of Jane, Mrs. John Neill, and Elizabeth, Mrs. Justin Spahnn.

John MacPherson, son of James, was born in 1842. At the age of 11, he was a lodger in the home of his aunt, Mrs. Stevenson. In 1871, when William Stevenson retired, he was living with his nephew John and his wife Anne. John MacPherson continued the business of Stevenson’s grocery store.

John MacPherson claims a lot in the Burial ground. Size about 13 x 8 feet, situate in the New Part 3rd Sec. West. Bounded north by William Needham’s lot, south by the Agnew lot, East and West by walks Said lot extending between them. Not enclosed but marked by a monument to claimer’s Aunt, Mary Stevenson. This lot was first purchased by the late William Stevenson, who at his death willed it to the above claimant.