Partelow and Tabor


Memorial to the Honourable John R. Partelow who died on the 13th Jan. 1865, aged 69 years.

Also his wife, Jane Hamlin, who departed this life 20th Feb. 1866, aged 69 years. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

In Memory of Charles Clifton Tabor, late Lieut. 15th Regt., died March 21st, 1888 aged 47 years. "Simply to Thy cross I cling"

In memory of Ada, wife of Charles Clifton Tabor, died March 23rd 1919, aged 80 years. "At rest in the Lord".

Percy Clifton, died Nov. 8th, 1886 aged 2 years, son of Charles and Ada Tabor.

John Clifton Tabor

Lot #156. There are six graves in this enclosed lot: Hon. John R. Partelow, his wife, and his daughter Ada, Mrs. Tabor, with her husband and two of their children.

Chas. C. Tabor claims a lot in the Burial ground. Size about 16 feet square. Situate towards the North West corner of Ground. Enclosed by heavy granite coping. Marked by marble [illegible]. Engraved "Partelow" Claimer purchased this lot from Henry Chestnut Feb 21st 1866

John R. Partelow was the son of a shoemaker, Jehiel Partelow of Saint John. He married Jane Hamlin Matthews in 1819.

From 1828 until 1856, except for an interlude of three years, John R. Partelow was a member of the Legislature for the County of St. John. He was Chamberlain of Saint John from 1827 until 1865, and was also Mayor of that city, appointed 10 April 1846 and holding office until 5 July 1848 when he was appointed Provincial Secretary. Mr. Partelow was appointed Auditor General of New Brunswick on 7 May 1855, which office he held until his death in January 1865.

When Mr. Partelow was appointed Provincial Secretary, he brought his wife and family to Fredericton. His eldest daughter, Mary, married James R. Crane. Jane, the second daughter, married John MacKay. Elizabeth married Thomas Otty Crookshank. Agnes married Henry Jeffrey Robinson, Captain, 76th Regiment, in 1857 and is buried nearby in the H.J. Robinson plot. Emma, the fourth daughter of Mr. Partelow, was the third wife of James Scott Beek, who succeeded Mr. Partelow as Auditor General and, like his father-in-law, was one of New Brunswick’s most distinguished civil servants. The Canadian Parliamentary Guide, 1908, lists Mr. James S. Beek, Auditor General of New Brunswick as a Companion of the Imperial Service Order. The order was instituted by King Edward, 8 August 1902, for faithful and meritorious service in the Civil Service.

Ada, the youngest daughter, in 1862 married Charles Clifton Tabor of the 15th Regiment of Foot stationed in Fredericton from 1862 to 1868. Captain Tabor and his wife were well known in Fredericton. When Captain Clifton Tabor retired from the army, they resided at "Woodlands," the former home of Major Hansard of the 69th Regiment (Ret’d) who died in 1853. Mrs. Hansard sold the house in 1866.

The Tabors had a large family: besides the two young sons buried here, they had seven sons and three daughters. Their daughter Agnes, when young, wrote a prize essay on the 104th Regiment. She married, as his first wife, J.H.A.L. Fairweather, Judge of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick. Lilla married the Rev. G. Edward R. MacDonald, a nephew and foster son of Rev. Canon George Goodridge Roberts. The MacDonalds lived in California. After the death of Mrs. Clifton Tabor in 1919, her eldest daughter, Ada, married Dr. William Tyng Raymond, Professor of Classics at the University of New Brunswick. Some years after he retired (1929), they moved from their home at 770 George Street in Fredericton to Saint John where they died.

George Claxton Hunt, sea captain


Lot #101 was jointly owned by the Hunt and Smithson families. There are six tombstones in the lot, and seven graves. Capt. George C. Hunt and his daughter Mary are buried here; also his son, George Claxton Hunt, with his wife and five of their daughters.

In memory of Mary, only daughter of George Claxton and Philena Hunt, born at St. John, N.B., March 7th, 1825, died in Fredericton August 1st, 1864, ae 39 years

George C. Hunt (1799-1878) was an English sea captain living in Saint John. When his wife Philena (Robinson) died in 1852, he and his daughter Mary moved to Fredericton where he worked as a clerk.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 26 April 1852:

Died, suddenly at Bath, Me. on Wednesday the 14th inst. Mrs. Philena Hunt, wife of Capt. George Hunt, and late of this city.

Captain Hunt’s second marriage was to Sophia Augusta Harding (c.1828- 1890), granddaughter of G. Buchanan, tinsmith, and Theodore H. Harding. This was a Baptist family. The Hunt home was on the west side of Regent Street.

His son, George Claxton Hunt was a druggist, "chemist and apothecary Queen St." for many years. He married Anna Maria Perley, a sister of Louise Perley, Mrs. W.H. Smithson. This family was Church of England.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 19 January 1857:

Married, on the evening of the 14th inst. by the Rev. S.D. Lee Street, Rector of Woodstock, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. George Hunt, of the firm of Chandler & Hunt, Fredericton, to Ann Maria, eldest daughter of Charles Perley, Esq. M.P.P. of Woodstock.

Telegraph-Journal, Saint John, NB, 30 June 1927:

HUNT AND MACDONALD, Fredericton. This firm has been in business as dispensing chemists since 1852 the business being founded in that year as Chandler and Hunt. Later the business was carried on by George C. Hunt, following which the name of the firm was changed to Hunt and MacDonald and is now carried on by Miss Ella P. Hunt.

One stone is inscribed "HUNT 1870" and bears the names of three of George and Ann Maria’s daughters.

Bertha (Isabella) d. Aug. 31st, 1864 ae 10 months

Maggie B d. Sept. 1860 ae 7 months

Ella Perley Hunt entered into rest July 5, 1930 ae 71

On the reverse is inscribed:

IHS Anna Maria beloved wife of George Claxton Hunt, d March 15, 1900 ae 70 years.

IHS George Claxton Hunt entered into rest Aug. 8, 1911, ae 84 years.

There is also a stone to two other daughters, Gertrude Annie (1866-1943) and Mary L. (born 1858).

The Fredericton census for 1881 lists George C. Hunt, 53, and Annie M., 52, living with four daughters: Mary L., 22; Ella P., 20; Gertrude A. 14; and Bessie L. aged 13. In 1901 the widower George Hunt was living with Ella Perley Hunt, his unmarried daughter.