The family of Major Henry A. Cropley and Mary Thorburn


Sacred to the memory of Major H. A. Cropley, 1838-1906. May Cropley, 1844-1919. Caroline, 1866-1868. Elizabeth J. 1871-1874. Arthur, 1874-78. Alfred A., 1877-1901. Albert, 1877-1877. Mary Y. 1881-1899. Susan, 1885-1899. Children of Henry and May Cropley.

Footstones: “Father,”and “Mother.”

Lot #26, 11 x 13, was purchased about 1871 from Henry Chestnut. The large tombstone with inscriptions on its west and south face stands in a lot fenced with iron paling along George Street and along Jewett’s Lane (Sunbury Street). On the iron gate is "CROPLEY".

Henry Cropley was editor and publisher of the Fredericton Capital, a popular weekly newspaper that was begun in 1882 and continued for many years. It was published at the corner of Queen and Regent Streets, upstairs. A painted sign, "JOB PRINTING A. CROPLEY BOOK BINDING PRINTING," was visible on the brick wall facing Regent Street for almost a century. The building has been demolished.

Henry A. Cropley was a Major in the 71st York County Militia, and a very keen officer. His wife was Mary ("May") Thorburn of Stanley, New Brunswick.

Colonial Farmer, Fredericton, NB, 12 October 1863:

m. 7th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, at residence of Jas. TATTERSALL, brother-in-law of the bride, Henry A. CROPLEY, Printer of Boston City / Mary second d/o Robert THORBURN of Fredericton city (York Co.)

The Gleaner, Fredericton, NB, 9 April 1895:

The veterans of 1866 will meet at Edgar’s restaraunt tomorrow night to commemorate the anniversary of their participation in quelling the Fenian at St. Andrews in 1866. Among those who will be present are Lt. Col. MAUNSELL, Lt. Col. MARSH, Lt. Col. HEWITSON, Major LOGGIE, Major CROPLEY, Ex. Mayor BECKWITH and City Clerk BECKWITH and many others.

The Gleaner, Fredericton, NB, 22 May 1895:

Miss Alice Cropley returned yesterday from Waltham, Mass. where she has been studying for a trained nurse in the hospital there and will spend a vacation with her parents, Major Cropley and Mrs. Cropley.

The Gleaner, Fredericton, NB, 21 December 1896:

Miss Alice CROPLEY, who has been during the past ten months, Supt. of the Dixie Hospital and Training School for Nursers, at Hampton, Virginia, is at home spending her vacation.

Alice Cropley, Mrs. Thomas Allen, lived on University Avenue, and she took pride in her father’s uniforms and sword. Her husband, a son of Sir John Allen, the Chief Justice, was a builder and had built the house she lived in. The house at the rear of the residence was originally used as his work area. This building was later occupied by Lucy Jarvis, a well-known New Brunswick artist. Mrs. Allen died 10 March 1956 and is buried in Springhill beside her husband.

Charles Mesham, officer and gentleman farmer

Mesham / Measham

"Thy will be done" In loving memory of Arthur Leonard, the well-beloved and oldest surviving son of Charles and Ellen Caroline Mesham, died June 10, 1874, aged 4 years and 9 months. "Dear Little Arthur, Farewell."

Harbour Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser, NF, 13 January 1862:

On Wednesday, the 1st instant, at St. Thomas’s Church, by the Rev. T. M. Wood, Military Chaplain, Charles MESHAM, Esq., Lieut. H.M. 52nd Regt., to Ellen Caroline, second daughter of Edward L. JARVIS Esq., of this city [St. John’s, Newfoundland].

Arthur Leonard Mesham, born 9 September 1869, was baptised 31 October 1869 and Margaret Ellen Mesham was baptised 13 January 1867, both at St. Thomas Anglican Church in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their father’s occupation is given as "gentleman" in the church records. Another daughter, Edith Mary, died 30 November 1871 in Fredericton, according to the Cathedral baptismal records.

The Fredericton census of 1871 shows Charles Mesham, 34, English, farmer; his wife Ellen C., 26; Margaret, 5; and Arthur, 1 year old. Charles Mesham and his wife owned and occupied "Beechmount," which they sold less than six months after the death of their son.

An officer by the name of Measham once occupied the George Botsford place, "Hawthorn Hill" at the east end of Fredericton.