The family of William Shepherd Estey


This lot contains three tombstones and four footstones, enclosed by a low rail with chain and tassels supported by stone posts.

William Shepherd Estey b. Oct. 4, 1797, d July 20, 1881 and his wife Lucretia Estabrooks b. Nov. 21, 1796 d Feb. 26, 1870.

Footstones: "W.S.E." and "L.E."

William Shepherd Estey was born at Queensbury. Eastey, Easty, and Esty are other spellings of this name.

William S. Estey was a blacksmith when young, and was later described as a general dealer, census enumerator, and lumber surveyor. He was a prominent member of the New Brunswick Baptist Education Society. On 29 October 1819 he was married in Fredericton to Lucretia Estabrooks, a daughter of Joseph Estabrooks and Lucretia Handy, and a granddaughter of Elijah Estabrooks. The family lived on the southwest corner of Northumberland and Charlotte Streets.

In 1836, William Estey and his brother Theophilus Ring Estey entered into a partnership as general dealers. William continued in business after the death of Theophilus, who is buried here in another plot.

Advertisement, 1836:

NOTICE: The subscribers, having entered into partnership, will constantly keep on hand, broad and narrow axes and all other kinds of blacksmith work, horse shoeing done with neatness and dispatch, and orders from the country will be punctually attended to in the shop, Queen St., formerly occupied by William S. Estey. — William S. Estey, Theophilus R. Estey, Fredericton, July 4th 1836.

The children of William and Lucretia Estey were Mary Jane, Harris Shepherd, Elizabeth Ann, Caroline Lucretia, Luantia, Joseph Nehemiah, Isabel Maria, Julie Sophia, William Ludlow, and Frederick William Estey. Most of them seem to have been born in Lincoln, downriver of Fredericton.

Mary Jane (1819-1897) married George William Turner (1816-1857) in 1839, and they had four sons. Nathaniel L. Price, a lodger in the home, married Caroline Lucretia in 1846. She died at the age of 26 years and is buried in the Price lot.

In 1871, William and two of his daughters, Isabel Maria and Elizabeth Ann, were living with his son, Harris S. Estey.

In memory of Harris S. Estey, died Dec. 16, 1882, ae 61 years. Also his wife Ellen A., died April 19, 1867, ae 41 years. "Make them to be numbered with Thy Saints in glory everlasting."

Footstones: "H.S.E." and "E.A.E."

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 17 September 1848:

Married, at Wakefield, on Sept. 3, 1848, by the Rev. Samuel Elder of Fredericton, Mr. Harris Spencer [Shepherd] Estey of the same city to Miss Ellen Amanda, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Sutherland, of Wakefield.

Harris Shepherd Estey was born on 23 February 1821. He and his wife Eleanor Amanda Sutherland, had seven children: Ida Caroline (born 1851), Helen M., Henry G., Frank A., William J., G. Frederick, and Bella L.M. Estey.

Harris S. Estey was first a grocer, his shop on the corner of Queen and Westmorland Streets, and then for years was Secretary of the Fredericton Boom Company, a very responsible position.

In memory of Joseph N. Estey born 22nd Dec., 1828, died 28th Jan., 1861. Also Mary M. Huestis, daughter of Joseph and Jane T. Estey, Nov. 1, 1860, ae 16 days.

Jane T. Huestis, wife of J. Alfred Smith, died at Boston, Mass., May 16, 1885, ae 50 years. She made home happy.

Joseph Nehemiah Estey, the younger son of William Shepherd Estey, married Jane T. Huestis. They had a son and a daughter, and within weeks of the birth of the second child, the father and child were dead. The widow, only 27 years of age, took her two-year-old son, Spencer J. Estey, to live in the United States with her widowed mother, Deborah D. Huestis. Like the rest of this connection, Deborah was a Baptist. Jane later married J. Alfred Smith, a brother of John Thomas Smith, grocer, who lived on Waterloo Row in Fredericton. She is buried here with her first husband and her daughter.

Sophronia Clark Huestis Atherton


Lot #183. This lot, containing three stones, was enclosed with an iron railing with the name B. Atherton on the gate. The owner marked on the plan is Sophronia Atherton. The Bailey stone, six feet high, of black granite, is engraved on one side only.

In memory of Julia Ann, wife of B. Atherton, died February 12, 1864, in the 52nd year of her age, also Benjamin Atherton, born May 15, 1813, died February 23, 1883. "Forever with the Lord."

Lewis Carl Huestis died August 1, 1859 aged 34 years, Sophronia Hustis Atherton, born Oct. 9, 1836, died Jan. 22, 1913. "Blessed are the dead, who died in the Lord."

Sacred to the memory of Mary M. Huestis, d. Jan 21, 1881.

Sacred to the memory of Gordon P. Bailey, born April 21, 1851, died July 5, 1900. "Come to God." Also his wife Annie M. 1859-1933. "At rest and at home".

Sophronia was Benjamin Atherton’s second wife and the niece of his first wife, Julia Ann. Julia Ann Atherton was a daughter of William Clark.

The first husband of Sophronia Clark, Lewis Carl Huestis, was a widower when he married her on 16 January 1855. The marriage was performed by Rev. James Tupper of Queensbury, Baptist, and witnessed by Thomas H. Huestis and Elizabeth Clark. His daughter, Mary Huestis, was already married to Robert Pengilly at that time. She died in 1893 and is buried in Section I, in the Huestis plot. The lineage of the Mary M. Huestis who is buried with the Athertons is uncertain.

When Lewis Carl Huestis died in 1859, his widow, Sophronia, came to live with her aunt, Julia Ann, Mrs. Benjamin Atherton, and eventually married her uncle, Benjamin. Sophronia Atherton had two children, William M. and Anne ("Annie") M. Huestis, by her first marriage and a daughter, Mary C. Atherton, by her second. Annie, who married Gordon P. Bailey, is buried here with the Athertons.

Mary Huestis Pengilly, travelling poet


Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 29 September 1841:

Died at Saint John on the 27th ult in hope of a joyful resurrection, Ann, wife of Robert Pengilly, in the 31st year of her age.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 2 February 1847:

Married at Queensbury County of York on the 16th instant by the Rev. D. McCurdy, Mr. Robert Pengilly of St. John to Miss Mary Huestis daughter of Lewis Heustis Esq of the former place.

Warrants, Journals of the House of Assembly, New Brunswick:

To Mary Pengilly, late Mary Huestis, the sum of twenty pounds in full for her services as teacher to the 31st of December, 1850.

Mary Huestis and Robert Pengilly had five sons and one daughter. Their home in Saint John was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1877. By 1883, Mary Huestis Pengilly was living in Massachusetts. In October of that year, she was admitted to the Provincial Lunatic Asylum in Saint John. Her Diary Written in the Provincial Lunatic Asylum, self-published in 1885, refers to the election as Alderman of her son, Thomas M. Pengilly, and to his brother Lewis going "800 miles beyond Winnipeg surveying." For Valentine’s Day, 1884, the Saint John Globe published a list of 225 marriageable men, which included one Thomas Pengilly, "the most silent member of the Common Council board."

Daily Telegraph, Saint John, NB, August 5, 1893:

A Dubuque, Iowa despatch of the 3rd says: Mrs. Mary Huestis PENGILLY died at Mercy Hospital today and her remains will be forwarded to Boston on receipt of instructions from her son, a druggist there. She left the asylum, Saint John, N.B. nine years ago and thereafter travelled through the country selling poems which she said the angels had inspired, and her diary criticizing the management of the St. John asylum. She reached here two weeks ago and was adjudged insane, but being sick was sent to the hospital. – Deceased was well known in this city. Her son carried on a drug business in the city market building and was also a member of city council.

Mary Huestis Pengilly died in 1893 and is believed to be buried in the Huestis plot. Her father is buried in Section J with the Athertons.

Benjamin, Deborah, and one Mary Huestis


In Memory of Benjamin A. Huestis, who died May 27th 1849, aged 45 years. Also his wife Deborah J, died Jan 20th 1862, aged 68 years.

Sacred to the memory of their daughter Mary M. Huestis, died Jan 20th 1880, aged 55 years.

A list of those in business in Fredericton, 1840, includes Huestis, boarding house, Queen Street.

Census, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1861:

Huestis, Deborah D., 68, h of F, U.S., Baptist

Mary M, daughter, 35,

Janet Estey, daughter, 27

Spencer, grandson, 2

There are three by the name of Mary Huestis buried in the Old Burying Ground. (See also and, in Section J, Atherton.)