Alexander Burchill and family


Lot #23. A four-sided granite stone stands in this lot, engraved on three sides.

In memory of Alexander Burchill, born April 13, 1832, died Oct. 28, 1906. Also his wife Amelia Williams, born Dec. 21, 1841, died August 12, 1899.

In memory of Ellen Howell, wife of Alexander Burchill, died Nov. 10, 1861 aged 23 years. Also her daughter, Mary Burchill, died in the 4th year of her age.

In memory of James Burchill, died Sept. 20, 1889, aged 72 years. Also his wife, Charlotte M. Segee, died February 8, 1901, aged 72 years.

Alexander Burchill was the superintendent of Fredericton’s water-works. His son was Charles Burchill, a druggist. His brother, James Burchill, a mason and a builder, lived at 765 Charlotte Street. The Burchills were Irish.

Alexander Burchill claims a lot in the B. Ground. Situate in the New Part, about the 3rd tier from the upper fence. Enclosed by a wooden paling, and marked by a headstone to Claimer’s wife. This lot was purchased from Robin Woods on July 19, 1861, paying $10.00 for the same.