Robert Colwell, carriage maker


Robert Colwell 1809-1871

Margaret Colwell 1818-1884

David Colwell died 1850

Elizabeth Colwell 1831-1884

The Colwells came to New Brunswick from the north of Ireland. Robert Colwell married Margaret Irwin in November 1838, a sister of Robert and Hugh Irwin. He was a successful carriage manufacturer in Fredericton.

Their home was in George Street near Regent, and his place of business in King Street near Westmorland on the site of the later Horsnell’s Machine and Iron Works.

Five of their eight sons lived with them and were in business with their father: David, blacksmith; George, wagon maker; John, carpenter; Robert, carriage maker; and Samuel, harness maker.

Robert Jr. claimed the lot for his father by possession of over forty years.