Joseph and John Fleming, Keepers of the Alms House


A tall monument is in this large lot, bordered by an iron fence between granite posts. The name Fleming once marked the gate. The lot was purchased by Joseph Fleming in 1856.

Joseph Fleming was the Keeper of the Alms House in 1851. He died on 15 July 1875, aged 87, at the home of his daughter Mary Cumming[s]. Another daughter, Sarah Fleming, was born in 1811 and died 8 March 1882, aged 71 years. Sarah and Joseph both lie in unmarked graves.

In memory of John Fleming, born 1816, died Dec. 17, 1875 aged 59 years. Isabella Fleming died Sept. 25, 1858 aged 1 year. Joseph Fleming died Dec. 15th, 1865 aged 12 years.

Robert Hastings Fleming l859-1929

John Harper 1855-l942

Footstone: "I.F."

In 1851, according to the census, John Fleming was 33, Irish, and living with his sister Sarah in the home of Prof. James Robb. He is described as Master and Steward at the college, a position he held for thirty-three years. His first wife, Ann, was born in 1825.

In the 1871 census, John Fleming was aged 54, living with his wife, Jane, 35, and his children: John H., 15; Robert, 12; Martha, 10, who later married John Harvey; Jane, 8; and Alexander, 6 years old. He was then the Alms House Keeper, as his father had been. John Fleming’s children are buried here with him.

John Harper, a brother of Jane, John Fleming’s second wife, was a carpenter and lived in Prince William. He and his wife Hannah had two children, Frederick William and Wellington J.F. Harper.

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