The James Colter family

Colter / Coulter

In memory of James Colter, died 28th Aug. 1862, aged 83 years.

Sacred to the memory of Margaret, wife of James Colter, died Aug. 6th, 1882, aged 88 years. "Gathered to a ripe old age to the assembly of the righteous".

Sacred to the memory of Francis Colter of St. Mary’s, York Co., N.B., who died February 15th, 1870, aged 70 years.

This lot was formerly fenced. Only the stone bases for the iron posts remain.

Margaret was James Colter’s second wife. Francis, born in Ireland and buried here, was a son of that marriage. After the death of her husband, Margaret lived for years with the family of her daughter Eliza, Mrs. Thomas Ramsey.

In memory of Maria wife of James Gault, died Aug. 13th, 1888 in the 57th year of her age. "Farewell, sweet sister / Thou shalt ever be / A star to guide me up / To Heaven and thee"

Maria, Mrs. James Gault, was a daughter of James Colter.