The Honourable Gabriel George Ludlow


The Honourable Gabriel George Ludlow (1736-1808) is thought to be buried here. He had resided in Queens County, Long Island, New York, and had commanded a militia there. In 1776 he raised a battalion in General DeLancey’s Brigade. His brother, George Duncan Ludlow, became the first Chief Justice of New Brunswick. The two brothers were the only Loyalists of their family.

When he came to New Brunswick, Gabriel Ludlow resided in Saint John. He claimed compensation for the forfeiture in America of over a hundred acres next to the property of his father and the loss of his vessel, his wife and their furniture, books, wearing apparel, linen, sterling, etc. all lost in the Bay of Fundy on the voyage to New Brunswick. He received half-pay as a colonel.

Gabriel Ludlow became Saint John’s first mayor and was among the first appointed members of His Majesty’s Council. He was also Colonel of Militia in New Brunswick. When Governor Carleton departed, Gabriel Ludlow was appointed President of His Majesty’s Council and Commander-in-Chief on 5 October 1803. He died in office in February 1808, aged 72.