Mary Jane, first wife of Samuel R. Miller


In memory of Mary Jane, beloved wife of S.R. Miller, died May 19th, 1864, aged 34 years.

This is a large lot containing one imposing stone. It is bordered by wrought iron fencing on three sides. One side is shared with the Segee lot.

Samuel R. Miller was a bookbinder and bookseller, at the corner of York and Brunswick Streets. He owned most of the land between York Street and the old Protestant burying ground. He built the original of what is called the Van Buskirk house and also a row of cottages on the George Street side of the property.

Christian Visitor, Saint John, NB, 13 September 1866:

m. 5th inst., St. John’s Church, Manawagonish (St. John) by Rev. Theodore G. Dowling, Rector of Douglas, assisted by Rev. W.S. Covert, Rector of Lancaster, S.R. Miller, Esq., Fredericton (York Co.) / Susie E. d/o James QUINTON, Esq., M.P.P., Manawagonish.

Saint John Globe, Saint John, NB, 21 October 1891:

A telegram was received here today announcing that Capt. CURRIE of San Francisco, Ca. was killed at sea. There are no particulars but Rupert MILLER telegraphs that his mother is prostrated at the news. Mrs. Currie, who was formerly Miss Susan QUINTON of this city, is a sister of William QUINTON.