Vavasour and Edwards


Henry Froude Vavasour died Nov. 21st, 1885 aged 58 years. Also his wife Jane C., died July 7th, 1917 aged 87 years. Cora Forrester Vavasour died June 23rd, 1865, aged 3 years.

In Memoriam. Maude M. Vavasour died Jan. 5th, 1890 aged 31 years. "To live in Hearts we leave behind is not to die." "Nearer my God to Thee."

Edwin Edwards died Jan. 18th, 1880 aged 64 years. This monument is erected by his Sister and her Children in memory of a Beloved Brother and Uncle.

Lot #21, 12 x 14 feet, surrounded by iron paling with the name VAVASOUR over the gate. The tall handsome monument stands alone.

Edwin Edwards was an Irishman and a mining engineer who, upon retirement, came to New Brunswick and lived with his sister Jane C. Edwards, Mrs. Vavasour. She used to tell of being in Australia with her brother and of having seen, in a miner’s home, quintuplet babies asleep in a sliced hogshead.

Henry F. Vavasour, bookseller and stationer, was an only child of Henry Vavasour who died in 1832. He lived on the south side of King Street a few doors above York Street. His mother was Maria, third daughter of Samuel Grosvenor, and his stepfather was Thomas H. Cripps. The bookstore was bought by Francis Beverly.

Members of the Vavasour family were talented. Miss Maud Vavasour was extremely musical as they all were, and she had a beautiful singing voice. Her brother, Edwin Vavasour, worked all his life in the Fredericton post office. He died aged seventy and was buried 30 April 1926 in the Rural Cemetery.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. II, p. 51.