Honourable Archibald Fitz Randolph of Nova Scotia and “Frogmore”


Here, between the Colter and Hawkins plots, there is a square lot surrounded by a handsome cast-iron fence. There are no gravestones but one large tree grows in the middle. This lot belonged to Archibald Fitz Randolph (1833-1902), who resided at "Frogmore" in 1871. The remains of those buried and the stones were removed to the newer Forest Hill Cemetery, which was incorporated in 1873.

Canadian Parliamentary Companion, 1885:

Randolph, Hon. Archibald Fitz. Grandfather, many years a member of the L.C. Nova Scotia. Born in Digby, N.S., 24th July 1833 and educated at the grammar school there. Married 9th Sept. 1858. Alminia Donaldson, daughter of Wm. Turnbull, merchant, Bridgeport, N.S. Went to Fredericton, N.B. in 1852 and became a merchant. A manager of the Peoples Bank, Fredericton since 1864. Was a director of the Fredericton Railway Co. Appointed to the L.C. 25th May, 1882. A Liberal Conservative — Fredericton, N.B.

The James Colter family

Colter / Coulter

In memory of James Colter, died 28th Aug. 1862, aged 83 years.

Sacred to the memory of Margaret, wife of James Colter, died Aug. 6th, 1882, aged 88 years. "Gathered to a ripe old age to the assembly of the righteous".

Sacred to the memory of Francis Colter of St. Mary’s, York Co., N.B., who died February 15th, 1870, aged 70 years.

This lot was formerly fenced. Only the stone bases for the iron posts remain.

Margaret was James Colter’s second wife. Francis, born in Ireland and buried here, was a son of that marriage. After the death of her husband, Margaret lived for years with the family of her daughter Eliza, Mrs. Thomas Ramsey.

In memory of Maria wife of James Gault, died Aug. 13th, 1888 in the 57th year of her age. "Farewell, sweet sister / Thou shalt ever be / A star to guide me up / To Heaven and thee"

Maria, Mrs. James Gault, was a daughter of James Colter.

Private James “Jimmy” Parsons


In Memory of Private J. Parsons, died May 23rd, 1885, aged 20 years. This tablet was erected by his comrades of "A" Company, Royal School of Infantry

The Parsons lot is between the Colter and Anderson lots.  A handsome marble tablet marks the grave of "Jimmy" Parsons, son of Andrew Howard Parsons of Fredericton, who died of black diphtheria.

Daily Sun, Saint John, NB, 26 May 1885:

Private Parsons, Infantry School Corps, who was sent home from Sussex, with an attack of diphtheria, died in the hospital at Fredericton Saturday afternoon and the remains were interred the same eve. with military honors, a firing party in charge of Sgt. WILSON turning out from I.S.C. and 71st batt. The Fredericton brass headed the cortege and services at the grave were said by Rev. F. Alexander. Parsons belonged to Oromocto (Sunbury Co.) and removed with his family to Fredericton last spring. He was unmarried.

Fredericton Evening Capital, Fredericton, NB, 3 December 1887:

The memorial tablet in memory of the late Private J. parsons is now completed and ready for setting up in the Rural Cemetery, Fredericton. It reflects the greatest credit of John Moore from whose work it was sculptured.

There are also four small tombstones belonging to the Parsons family erected by B.L. Parsons, sister of Private J. Parsons: "My brothers Jimmy and Andrew," "Jane, our pet sister," and "Mother." Miss Parsons’ brother Andrew, considered the best painter in his day, was born in 1871 and died three months short of 100 years of age.

William Grieves, the Colter connection, and the Waverley Hotel


In Memory of William Grieves, died 9th Jan. 1852, aged 73 years.

William Grieves was a friend, neighbour, and contemporary of James Colter at Nashwaak. Like the Colters, he was from Ireland. His farm adjoined that of the Colters, and his son William was married to Jane, daughter of James Colter, on 28 March 1844. Three married Colter sisters lived on adjoining farms in Marysville: Jane Grieves, Eliza Ramsey, and Margaret Fraser.

William Grieves the son was a road commissioner and succeeded Robert Irwin as proprietor of the Waverley Hotel. When William was appointed as Crier, Supreme Court, his son John took over as the hotel keeper, until he in turn received an appointment.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 13 January 1883:

John B. Grieves to be Sergeant at Arms attending the House of Assembly in room of Harry Beckwith, resigned.