The family of Matthew Brannan

Brannan / Brannen

God is love. Sacred to the memory of James W. Brannan, died May 27, 1863 aged 44 years, His wife Hannah M. died Aug. 27, 1863 aged 39 years. Also their son Frederick died Jan. 14, 1865, aged 8 years.

The unmarked graves of Matthew Brannan and his wife and daughter are known to be in this lot. Matthew Brannan died 13 July 1855, aged 78. His wife, Rebecca Weade, died 8 February 1861, aged 84. Rebecca Sophia, daughter of Matthew and Rebecca Brannan, died 20 September 1860, aged 46. Their funerals are recorded at the Cathedral.

This large lot, enclosed by an iron rail, contains today but one tombstone. James Byron Weade Brannan was a son of Matthew Brannan and a grandson of the Loyalist Charles Brannen who came to New Brunswick as a private in the 2nd DeLancey’s commanded by Lieut. Col. Richard Hewlitt.

Matthew Brannan, born in 1777, came with his father as a Loyalist. They lived for a time up the Nashwaak, where he met the family of Philip Weade and married his daughter Rebecca. She was the granddaughter of John Carnes, a Fredericton merchant situated on the corner of Queen and Regent Streets. Matthew Brannan bought the house of the deceased John Carnes in 1802 and sold it in 1808. His daughter, Catherine Phoebe, married Benjamin Woolhaupter when she was a young girl, not sixteen years old. In 1797 Matthew opened a school in Fredericton which had 30 white students and eleven black students.

Matthew Brannan entered the office of the Provincial Secretary and was the right-hand man for Hon. William Franklin Odell. He served in that office for many years and was held in high regard by everyone.

Journals of the House of Assembly, New Brunswick, 1833:

To Matthew Brannen of the Secretary’s office the sum of 150 pounds as a mark of approbation of his attentive and courteous demeanor in the said office.

He received a like grant for many years and had long and faithful service.