Dr. Vail or Dr. Cougle?




Dr. Edwin (Vail) Cougle was the son of Dr. John C. Vail and the grandson of the Reverend Oliver Arnold, Loyalist, Lieutenant of the Volunteers of New England, 1781, and the first rector of Sussex. Edwin Vail took the surname of his first wife, Charlotte, a granddaughter of John Cougle, Loyalist, Captain of the New Jersey Volunteers, 1776, who settled at Sussex Corner.

Dr. Edwin Cougle’s second wife, Fanny, was a sister of Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy. The footstone in the Cougle plot refers to the grave of Mrs. Murphy. She was born soon after the duel fought in October 1821 in which her father, George Ludlow Wetmore, was killed and she was christened George Ludlow Harriet, the names of her deceased father and that of her mother. She is buried in Section J with her husband.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. III, p. 280.

Alexander Colter footstone




This large, dark, substantial footstone, next to the Miller lot, is of the style of the 1820s. It apparently is misplaced. This stone is thought to have originally marked the grave of Alexander Colter and his wife Eleanor, in Section I of this burial ground.

Ward Chipman and the Botsford plot


The Honourable Ward Chipman, Judge of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick 1803-1824, died and was buried in Fredericton. Later, the remains were taken to Saint John and re-interred.

Elizabeth, widow of Ward Chipman, very likely gave the vacant burial lot to her nephew, George Botsford, who resided in Fredericton.

Several tombstones and graves of the George Botsford family are where the Honourable Ward Chipman was originally buried.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. III, p. 152.