“Our Babies” Stella and Robbie Wilson


Zitella Elizabeth Wilson Nov 24

Robert Arthur Wilson, Dec. 1, aged 4

Elizabeth Wilson, 1837-1898

This stone sits on the Pinder lot. A record made for the York-Sunbury Historical Society in 1938 reads: “Elizabeth, wife of John Wilson, died November 23rd, 1898, aged 61 years.”

From the Cathedral records of 1885 we learn of the tragic loss of a little son and daughter commemorated by the double tombstone, "OUR BABIES Stella and Robbie." Zitella [Zitelia] E. Wilson was 7 years old. The children died of diphtheria.

John Wilson, Sergeant, 15th Regiment, and his wife, Elizabeth, had a son baptised Charles James on 5 October 1885.

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