Nelson Campbell: the shoe store that temperance built


Lot #78. There are no tombstones in the Nelson Campbell lot, which was purchased from Moses Hall in 1871. Nelson Campbell, born 1836, is buried here in an unmarked grave.

In 1865 Nelson Campbell was a hotel keeper in Wilmot Alley, but ten years later his establishment was solely a tavern. He prospered, and continued until the Scott Act (Canada Temperance Act, 1878) was enforced, then promptly changed his business to selling custom shoes. Campbell’s Shoe Store was on Queen Street. His assistant there was H. S. Campbell, not a relation. When Nelson Campbell died, H. S. Campbell purchased the business, and for many years it was a leading shoe store in Fredericton.

Nelson Campbell, his wife Margaret, and their children, Clara and Frederick, were members of the Church of Scotland.

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