James McAlpine, Quartermaster Sergeant, Royal Regiment

McAlpine / MacAlpine

Sacred to the memory of James MacAlpine, a native of Scotland, who departed this life Dec. 7, 1865 aged 58 years. "I am the resurrection and the life."

There apparently are no other graves of this family here.

James McAlpine came to Fredericton in 1848 with the Royal Regiment. His eldest child was baptised in Fredericton, the records reading "Mary, daughter of James McAlpine, Quartermaster Sergt. Royal Regiment and Mary Harris, wife, born 20 April, 1849."

When James McAlpine retired from the army he was gazetted ensign, 1st Battalion York County Militia on 11 January 1860. He was appointed Commissioner of the Alms House and later appointed clerk of the deputy treasurer’s office.

In 1861, Johannah Harris, mother-in-law, age 63, a Roman Catholic from Ireland, resided with the McAlpines and their four children.

Royal Gazette, Fredericton, NB, 21 February 1866:

John Ruel to be Preventive Officer and Clerk to the Deputy Treasurer at the Port of Fredericton in room of James McAlpine, deceased. By his Excellency’s Command A. H. Gilmore, Jr. Secretary’s Office, 17th Feb., 1866.

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