Honourable Archibald Fitz Randolph of Nova Scotia and “Frogmore”


Here, between the Colter and Hawkins plots, there is a square lot surrounded by a handsome cast-iron fence. There are no gravestones but one large tree grows in the middle. This lot belonged to Archibald Fitz Randolph (1833-1902), who resided at "Frogmore" in 1871. The remains of those buried and the stones were removed to the newer Forest Hill Cemetery, which was incorporated in 1873.

Canadian Parliamentary Companion, 1885:

Randolph, Hon. Archibald Fitz. Grandfather, many years a member of the L.C. Nova Scotia. Born in Digby, N.S., 24th July 1833 and educated at the grammar school there. Married 9th Sept. 1858. Alminia Donaldson, daughter of Wm. Turnbull, merchant, Bridgeport, N.S. Went to Fredericton, N.B. in 1852 and became a merchant. A manager of the Peoples Bank, Fredericton since 1864. Was a director of the Fredericton Railway Co. Appointed to the L.C. 25th May, 1882. A Liberal Conservative — Fredericton, N.B.

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