Henry Torrens, butcher and alderman


Lot #75 is unenclosed, with four stones in a row. A large stone is inscribed at the base with the family name and bears the names of Henry Torrens and his second wife, Eliza. On the west side of this stone are the names of their children.

Henry Torrens, 1830-1875

Eliza P., his wife, 1832-1917

George H. d. 1861, Margaret W. d. 1859, Sarah Jane d. 1940, Effie d. 1948.

Two small stones mark the graves of Margaret W. and of George H. Torrens.

Margaret W. Torrens, died Oct. 31st, 1859

In memory of George H. Torrens son of Henry and Frances Torrens, died Sept. 3rd, 1861, ae 2 years.

Now illegible and broken, a small white marble stone was laid to the memory of Frances A., the first wife of Henry Torrens, who died at the age of 27, in 1860.

Henry Torrens was a native of Donegal, Ireland, and a Wesleyan Methodist. He was a well-established butcher and had as his assistant Timothy Shannon. In 1866 Henry Torrens held a twenty-one year lease on part of the basement of City Hall, for which he paid one shilling per annum. His part was a meat shop, and the remainder was occupied by N. Hooper as a grocery and liquor store. He served as a Fredericton alderman.

The family lived on the north side of King Street, the first brick house below Carleton. His children, according the census in 1871, were Emily Jane, 13; Alice, 11; Jane, 9; Mary, 7; Annie, 3; and Eva, 2. Jenny and her older sister Alice were the last survivors of this family. Jenny Torrens played the piano in the Methodist Sunday School and was a music teacher.

Eliza Torrens claims a lot in the Burial Ground, size about 16 x 18 feet. Bounded on one side by the McCausland lot and on the other by the Estey lot and marked by two marble slabs to Frances and George Torrens respectively. This lot was obtained by the Torrens family about the year 1890.

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