Dugald Stewart


In Memoriam. Dugald Stewart of Dalhousie, born 23rd July, 1848, died 22nd March 1874.

Daily News, Saint John, NB, 24 March 1874:

We regret to learn of the death of Dugald STEWART which took place in Fredericton on Sunday morn. of heart disease. Deceased was for several years employed in the Crown Lands Dept., Fredericton, after which he bought out Barker House Livery Stable which business he conducted up to the time of his death. His family live in Restigouche County to which place his remains will be taken for interment.

Descendants of Jacob Segee


William V. Segee, born 8th June 1801, died 6th October 1875.

George N. Segee, born 5th January 1818, died 10th October 1865.

Little George, born 26th April 1864, died 26 August 1865.

Lucy Ann Roberts Creighton, wife of George N. Segee, born 20th April 1829, died 19th January 1920.

Sarah E. Segee, born 10th May 1813, died 2nd July 1870.

One tall stone in a lot once enclosed by a wrought iron fence. Only the east portion now remains.

Jacob Segee of the Loyal American Regiment came to New Brunswick in 1783 with his wife Mercy and their sons John, William, Joseph, and James who became a steamboat captain on the St. John River.

William Vincent, George N., and Sarah E. were children of Captain James Segee and his wife, Sarah G. Noble. George N. was the father of Mrs. James Lemont of this city who died in August 1954. Sarah Elizabeth was the grandmother of the late Frederick A. Payne of Lincoln, she having been the first wife of Andrew Payne; her son, Robert Payne, married Amanda Glasier. Mary Ann Segee, another sister, was the mother of the Honourable A.G. Blair.

William Segee (1767-1840), brother of Captain James Segee, lived on and owned what was formerly the Edward Simonds [or Symonds] farm near the present site of the Agricultural Research Station in Lincoln. He conducted quite a large business in pine timber and ship-building, and the place was called Segee’s Bluff.

His death is recorded in the Sentinel and Advertiser, published every Saturday by Edward Ward, Office Phoenix or Tank House, Fredericton, NB:

At his residence, on the 4th inst., Mr. William Segee, age 73 years deeply lamented by a large circle of friends. Mr. Segee was one of the United Empire Loyalists who came here with his father, Jacob Segee, in 1783, and from that period until the day of his death sustained an unblemished character which endeared him to all who knew him.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. I, p. 291.

John Robinson


Lot #60.

In memory of John Robinson, died December 7 1874, aged 47 years. Also his son Douglas, died July 18, 1863, aged fifteen months.

This is likely the same John Robinson who is recorded in the 1871 census for Fredericton as Irish, clerk, aged 42, married to Elizabeth, 36, with four children: John H., 12; Frederick W., 7; Charles E., 4; and Annie E., 1 year.

Honourable Archibald Fitz Randolph of Nova Scotia and “Frogmore”


Here, between the Colter and Hawkins plots, there is a square lot surrounded by a handsome cast-iron fence. There are no gravestones but one large tree grows in the middle. This lot belonged to Archibald Fitz Randolph (1833-1902), who resided at "Frogmore" in 1871. The remains of those buried and the stones were removed to the newer Forest Hill Cemetery, which was incorporated in 1873.

Canadian Parliamentary Companion, 1885:

Randolph, Hon. Archibald Fitz. Grandfather, many years a member of the L.C. Nova Scotia. Born in Digby, N.S., 24th July 1833 and educated at the grammar school there. Married 9th Sept. 1858. Alminia Donaldson, daughter of Wm. Turnbull, merchant, Bridgeport, N.S. Went to Fredericton, N.B. in 1852 and became a merchant. A manager of the Peoples Bank, Fredericton since 1864. Was a director of the Fredericton Railway Co. Appointed to the L.C. 25th May, 1882. A Liberal Conservative — Fredericton, N.B.