Nathaniel Cameron, nephew of Nathaniel Cameron


In memory of Nathaniel Cameron 1831-1919; Mary Jean, wife of Nathaniel Cameron, 1831-1897; and Mary Agnes Cameron, born July 22, 1870, died Dec. 22, 1882, 12 years, a grandchild.

Footstones: “M.A.C." and "H.L."

This lot, which contained four stones, now has one large new stone inscribed on two sides. It was claimed by Mary Jane Cameron for herself and relatives and was enclosed with stone posts and chain situate in the upper part, bounded north by Alexander Cumming’s lot and on the south by the F.A.H. Straton lot. It was marked by a large stone monument to her father and mother. It was purchased from Henry Chestnut.

Nathaniel Cameron, a butcher, was a nephew of Nathaniel Cameron (1798-1879), who had also been a butcher. His wife, Mary Jane, together with her sister, Helen Little, had a fashionable millinery shop on Queen Street. Their father, John Little, served on Fredericton Exhibition committees in the l850s.

In memory of John Little, died July 27th, 1861, aged 61 years; also his wife, Christena, died Oct. 14th, 1863, aged 66 years, and their daughter Christena, died Nov. 13th, 1837, aged 3 years. Helen Little born Jan. 28th, 1837, died May 10th, 1891, 55 years.

In 1865-66, Archibald and John Little were farmers on the Royal Road. John Little and his family came from Scotland. His wife had been married previously, and they brought her family with them. One son, Joseph Thorburn, remained in Scotland, but Robert Thorburn and a younger sister, Elizabeth, came to New Brunswick with their mother. Robert Thorburn eventually settled in Stanley and had a very large family.

In memory of Robert Ross died May 27th, 1871 aged 33 years. Also James G.T. Ross died Feb. 15th,1866, aged 24 years. Elizabeth T. Ross died Aug. 11, 1859, aged 14 years. Children of Robert and Elizabeth Ross.

Mary Ross, widow of Robert Ross, born 1772, died June 9th, 1858, aged 86 years.

Elizabeth Thorburn married Robert Ross, a fireman in Fredericton. Three of her children and her mother-in-law, Mary, are buried here. Mary Ross came from England to New Brunswick with her children. It is believed that Jessie Ross, aged 40, of Scotland, also is buried here in an unmarked grave.

Alexander Cumming’s daughter married J.J. Fraser, died young


Lot #126. This lot was claimed by E. Cumming and marked by a monument to the claimant’s father, the late Alexander Cumming. The lot is enclosed with stone posts and bars and is located between the Robinson and Cameron lots.

In memory of Alexander Cumming, died January 5, 1866, aged 50 years. Also, his wife, Mary Ann, died 2nd May, 1875, aged 54 years. His infant son, James Johnson Cumming died March 27, 1865, aged 1 year.

This is a tall imposing stone. The back, now largely illegible, was inscribed:

Martha, wife of John James Fraser, died March 28th, 1871, aged 28 years, and their infant children, Alexander Rankin died Aug. 10th, 1868, aged two months, and Janet Isabella Cumming, died May 18th, 1870, aged one year.

Alexander Cumming and Mary Ann Fleming were married in 1841 by Rev. John Birkmyre at St. Paul’s Church. Alexander Cumming was a merchant until 1844, then, according to the New Brunswick Directory for 1865-66, he served as City Treasurer for over 20 years. His eldest daughter, Martha, married John James Fraser on 17 September 1867.

John James Fraser (1829-1896) was born in Beaubears Island and came to Fredericton as a young lawyer from Newcastle in 1851, when the Honourable John Ambrose Street was appointed Attorney-General.

J.J. Fraser had been for a short time a member of the Legislature and his subsequent career is well known: he was Premier (1878-1882), Attorney-General, Justice of the Supreme Court, and finally Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick from December 1893 until his death in office, 24 November 1896, in Italy.

Census, Fredericton, NB, 1881:

Cummings, Sarah E., 32, NB, Presb, Scotch

Cummings, Janet J., 34, NB, Presb, Scotch

Cummings, Samuel, 19, NB, Presb, Scotch, Store Clerk,

Cummings, Joseph, 30, NB, Presb, Scotch, Sleeper Inspector,

Fraser, John James, 51, NS, Presb, Scotch, Atty General & Premier of NB, widower

Fleming, Elizabeth, 60, Ireland, Meth, Irish

Stewart, Agnes, 14, Scotland, Presb, Scotch

J.J. Fraser was married secondly, in 1884, to Jane Maria Paulette Fisher, eldest daughter of Hon. Charles Fisher. Jane died 22 October 1907, and is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery. She bequeathed the Fraser home, "Farraline Place" on Waterloo Row, to the philanthropic King’s Daughters as a home for elderly ladies.

Sophronia Clark Huestis Atherton


Lot #183. This lot, containing three stones, was enclosed with an iron railing with the name B. Atherton on the gate. The owner marked on the plan is Sophronia Atherton. The Bailey stone, six feet high, of black granite, is engraved on one side only.

In memory of Julia Ann, wife of B. Atherton, died February 12, 1864, in the 52nd year of her age, also Benjamin Atherton, born May 15, 1813, died February 23, 1883. "Forever with the Lord."

Lewis Carl Huestis died August 1, 1859 aged 34 years, Sophronia Hustis Atherton, born Oct. 9, 1836, died Jan. 22, 1913. "Blessed are the dead, who died in the Lord."

Sacred to the memory of Mary M. Huestis, d. Jan 21, 1881.

Sacred to the memory of Gordon P. Bailey, born April 21, 1851, died July 5, 1900. "Come to God." Also his wife Annie M. 1859-1933. "At rest and at home".

Sophronia was Benjamin Atherton’s second wife and the niece of his first wife, Julia Ann. Julia Ann Atherton was a daughter of William Clark.

The first husband of Sophronia Clark, Lewis Carl Huestis, was a widower when he married her on 16 January 1855. The marriage was performed by Rev. James Tupper of Queensbury, Baptist, and witnessed by Thomas H. Huestis and Elizabeth Clark. His daughter, Mary Huestis, was already married to Robert Pengilly at that time. She died in 1893 and is buried in Section I, in the Huestis plot. The lineage of the Mary M. Huestis who is buried with the Athertons is uncertain.

When Lewis Carl Huestis died in 1859, his widow, Sophronia, came to live with her aunt, Julia Ann, Mrs. Benjamin Atherton, and eventually married her uncle, Benjamin. Sophronia Atherton had two children, William M. and Anne ("Annie") M. Huestis, by her first marriage and a daughter, Mary C. Atherton, by her second. Annie, who married Gordon P. Bailey, is buried here with the Athertons.