Archibald Symers Scott, infant


Erected to the memory of Archibald Symers, infant son of Archibald and Elizabeth Arbuthnot Scott, who departed this life Aug. 15, 1839 at the early age of 10 months, 15 days.

It is most probable that Symers here is a variant of the surname Symes, as a number of families by that name, of Scottish origin, settled inĀ  New Brunswick.

William Gibson Quinn: the last burial


William Gibson Quinn died in 1974, in Florida, and was buried in the family plot. He was the last person to be buried in the Old Burial Ground. Earlier coffins were small; his modern one was too large to be contained and rests partly outside the plot.

William G. Quinn was the son of William Alexander Quinn, a barrister who died 1892, and Jennie Robinson, who had graduated from Mount Allison Ladies College in 1887. He was a shrewd businessman and an active Mason, and was described as a millionaire. He never married. At the time of his death, he was maintaining the family home on Brunswick Street, Fredericton, but living much of his time in the United States.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. III, p. 191.

Sgt. John Mathews of Longford, Ireland


Sacred to the memory of John Mathews, late Colour Sergeant, 15th Regiment, a native of Longford, Ireland, who departed this life July 6th, 1863, aged 33 years. This stone is erected by his bereaved widow as the last tribute of esteem and affection.

By 1955, the stone for Sgt. Mathews had disappeared.

Francis Ann, infant daughter of John and Emma Mathews was baptised in June 1863, and her father died on the 6th day of July following.