Everett and Stewart, trustees of St. Paul’s Church


STEWART "I am the resurrection and the life". Thomas Stewart, born at Newton Stewart, Scotland, 23rd Nov. 1791, died 8th April 1870.

Elizabeth, his wife, died 21st Sept. 1862, aged 65 years.

Their children, Margaret, died 27th January, 1849, aged 21 years — James died 23rd January, 1852, aged 18 years — Charles, died at Havana 21st Aug., 1859, aged 25 years

Their grandchild, Thomas Stewart, infant son of Z.R. Everett and Helen T. Everett, died 12th Aug., 1863.

John K. Stewart, died in Montana, Oct. 28th, 1885.

W.R. Stewart, died at Nceumea, South Pacific, 1873.

When St. Paul’s Church was incorporated, Thomas Stewart and Thomas Everett were two of the first trustees. Thomas Stewart had several sons and one surviving daughter, Helen. She married Zebedee Ring Everett, a nephew of Thomas Everett and a grandson of Thomas Everett, Loyalist, who died in 1814. Zebedee R. Everett, a merchant, was an alderman in 1871. He was the paternal grandfather of the Misses Everett, Isabel, Bessie, and Winnie, sisters of the infant Thomas Everett buried here.

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