Elizabeth Rebecca Sewell, wife of Henry White


Elizabeth Rebecca Sewell, wife of Henry White of Victoria County, is believed to have been born in Massachusetts. She died in 1827 and is thought to be buried here. The grave is unmarked.

According to family records, Henry and Elizabeth White came down river as far as the mouth of the Nashwaak. There Mrs. White left the canoe, intending to walk to the homestead on the Nashwaak while her husband continued down the St. John River to visit their married daughter, Mrs. Savage. She had walked only a few rods when she arranged a handkerchief on which to sit, and there Thomas Gill found her lying dead.

She died on Thursday, 16 August 1827, and a coroner’s inquest was held on the following Saturday. She was buried on Sunday, 19 August 1827.

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  1. Inquest – St. Mary’s (York Co.) Thursday morn., Rebecca WHITE w/o Henry WHITE, Nashwaak, died by Visitation of God.

    Source: The New Brunswick Royal Gazette, York County, Fredericton, New Brunswick: August 21 1827
    /via Daniel F. Johnson’s Database of Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers : Volume 3 Number 1136 (PANB)

  2. Mrs. Rebecca White was found dead in the roadside near the residence of Capt. Anthony Barker, on the way to visit her sister who was dangerously ill, and was supposed to have been seized with a fit and died instantly.

    Source: New Brunswick Supreme Court Records: Inquisition 21/8/827 page 2
    / via Elizabeth (Betty) Sewell, Fredericton: telephone conversation, 25 November 2011.

    Mrs. Sewell also supplied the following information:

    Elisabeth Rebecca Sewell was a daughter of Dominicus Sewell (born about 24 April 1735 in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts) who came before the American Revolution to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The family moved to New Brunswick in 1783 when attacks by American ships on the Nova Scotia coast became too dangerous.

    Dominicus Sewell received a land grant of 1000 acres in Maugerville, Sunbury County, NB, in 1785.

    Dominicus Sewell died before 3 January 1822.
    Sarah Thorndyke, his wife was born 18 January 1736 and died after 28 May 1815; she was alive when her husband made out his will on that date.

    Children of Dominicus Sewell and his wife Sarah Thorndyke were:
    * William Louden
    * Dominicus
    * Nicholas
    * Sarah
    * Thomas
    * Abigail
    * William
    * Elisabeth Rebecca
    * Samuel

    Sarah Sewell, who married William Savage, seems to be the sister (identified above, erroneously, as a daughter) that Mrs. White had been on her way to visit.

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