Dr. Vail or Dr. Cougle?




Dr. Edwin (Vail) Cougle was the son of Dr. John C. Vail and the grandson of the Reverend Oliver Arnold, Loyalist, Lieutenant of the Volunteers of New England, 1781, and the first rector of Sussex. Edwin Vail took the surname of his first wife, Charlotte, a granddaughter of John Cougle, Loyalist, Captain of the New Jersey Volunteers, 1776, who settled at Sussex Corner.

Dr. Edwin Cougle’s second wife, Fanny, was a sister of Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy. The footstone in the Cougle plot refers to the grave of Mrs. Murphy. She was born soon after the duel fought in October 1821 in which her father, George Ludlow Wetmore, was killed and she was christened George Ludlow Harriet, the names of her deceased father and that of her mother. She is buried in Section J with her husband.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. III, p. 280.

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  1. In all his biographies he is only titled Dr. Edwin Arnold Vail, no Cougle name is ever used. He did not marry a sister of Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy as his second wife. Rather he married Harriet Cortlandt Murphy, the eldest daughter of Dr. Murphy and his wife George Ludlow Harriet Wetmore on the 4th of Oct. 1871. They had two daughters, Emily Vail who married Alexander Lindsay,(killed in a fire at the Colonial Theater in Moncton), and Margaret Constance Vail who married Joseph Gavin Rainnie. Also the footstone G. H. M. stands for this second wife: eg. George Harriet Murphy, who died in 1909, many years after her husband’s death in 1885. Many of these dates are in Acadian Records (Drouin)

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