Dr. Jasper Nugent Murphy and his wife George Wetmore


In memory of Jasper Nugent Murphy, M.D. 1815-1878, his wife George H. Ludlow, 1822-1909, their son Jasper Nugent, 1852-1859, aged 7 years.

Mrs. J.N. Murphy was George Ludlow Harriet Wetmore. She was named for her father, Judge George Ludlow Wetmore, who fell in the Wetmore-Street duel in 1821. The widow, Harriet Wetmore, lived with the Murphys. Her brother was Andrew Rainsford who served in the 104th Regiment. Dr. Murphy’s home was on the river bank at the lower end of Queen Street, behind the site of the present Lord Beaverbrook Hotel.

Dr. Murphy was a widower when he married George Wetmore. The Murphys had seven daughters and two sons. One son, Jasper Nugent, died in the scarlet fever epidemic. The other son, William, died at the age of seventeen. He was accidentally shot by his uncle, barrister James Wetmore, while they were cleaning guns in Dr. Murphy’s house. The daughters were Susan, Fanny, Gertrude, Harriet Courtland Ludlow, Catherine, Emily Elizabeth, and Margaret.

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