Captain Andrew William Rainsford, 104th Regiment


Captain Andrew Rainsford of the 104th Regt., his wife Mary Ann. Their son Robert Hall, and his wife Henrietta.

Sacred to the memory of Caroline Frances Farley, died 14th December 1862, aged 42 years, and George Moodie, died March 17th 1863, aged 25 years, children of Captain Andrew Wm. Rainsford.

John A. Adams, 1821-1879. His wife Cecilia, daughter of the late Capt. Andrew Rainsford, 1830-1910. "At rest."

"In memoriam. Weep not. Suffer little children to come unto me." Fanny J. beloved only daughter of Cecilia and J.A. Adams, aged eight years twenty-two days, died in Montreal 29th August 1871.

Captain Andrew William Rainsford was the son of Andrew Rainsford (1734-1820), Loyalist, who had a grant of 500 acres at Kingsclear. Capt. Rainsford served in the War of 1812 with two of his brothers, Charles and Bradshaw, and later settled in Upper Canada. He married Mary Ann Clarke, daughter of Simon Clarke, in Montreal in 1816. Robert Hall Rainsford, their son, a wine merchant, was born in Ontario.

Cecilia Rainsford married John Augustus Adams in Fredericton, 1862. He was a brother of W.H. Adams of Saint John. The couple lived for a time in Saint John, where Fanny Jane was born, before relocating to Montreal.

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