Anna Marie Gordon, infant


Anna Marie, infant daughter of Edward F. Gordon and Albenia (nee Hart) died Oct. 15th 1851, aged one month and 15 days.

Edward Francis Gordon was born 2 December 1826 in Fort Lawrence, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. He married Albina Maria, daughter of George W. Hartt of Fredericton, on 12 April 1853. Edward Gordon died of consumption on 24 November 1857 in Chicago, and is believed to be buried here. His widow married Daniel McNally in Fredericton on 27 November 1878.

From the Old Burying Ground records, City of Fredericton:

Mrs. D. McNally as heir of her former husband claims a lot near G. F. Anderson, #31 and George Mitchell, #28 lots. Claimed by possession of over twenty years.

Mrs. D. McNally, on behalf of her sister Mrs. John Wiley and brothers Charles S. and George Whitfield Hart claims a lot situate in old part below the Minchin lot [Section E]. Enclosed with stone posts and mark by monuments to claimers’ father and his two wives. Claimed by possession of over thirty years.

See also The Old Burying Ground, Vol. III, p. 67.

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