Alexander Anderson and children


In Memory of Alexander Anderson, died March 8, 1848, aged 47 years

Also Elizabeth Anderson, died November 10th, 1846, aged 4 years

Also Isabella Anderson, died March 8th, 1848, aged 9 months

Also William Anderson, died November 12th, 1850, aged 10 years.

Alexander Anderson of Fredericton, labourer, bought land in 1845 on the new Needham Street “as laid out by Mark Needham,” and evidently was strong and prosperous until residing in his new abode, where he and three of his children died within a few years.

His wife was Maria Saunders, and the family attended the Kirk. She and her only surviving child, Alexander, remained at their new address adjacent to the famous garden of William Watts. Charles Mills, her second husband, was a gardener.

Morning News, Saint John, NB, 19 April 1852:

Married on the 13th inst. by the Rev. J. M. Brooke, Mr. Charles Mills to Maria, widow of the late Alexander Anderson, all of Fredericton.

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